b'Roong and CladdingClosure and Venting ProductsProfileVentMetal roofing ridge ventsrolls Limited lifetime warrantyNet free area is 17 sq. in. per lineal ft.Glue spots prevent slipping during Prevents insect infiltrationinstallation Prevents snow infiltration Fits under any ridge capProvides proven roof ventilation Fits any pitch 3:1220:12Meets all model building codes One person roll-out installationPacking in English, French and Spanish Wont scratch panel finishNo wasteuse leftovers on next job Will not support a flame Wont crack, dent or rust during shipping or installation Wont clog from airborne dustWill not degrade due to UV exposure Made in U.S.A.METAL BUILDING COMPONENTS No release paperno wasteApplicationProfileVent RollsProfileVent Rolls Closure StripsNew or re-roof on Purlin New or re-roof on Purlin or or wood deck Construction: wood deck construction: R-Panel inside 121Use a 2" opening at the ridge R-Panel 12 1Use a 2 opening vide v e r tilatit n.provi ew entila-to proat th en idge o oOn n de vU-Panel 6 1tion. On a new or oofro ood deck construction, n,R-Panel outside12 1or re-rre- w of wood deck contructiocut a 2 slo cut t2" slote (1 eac ge (1" eachtide,t at a he ridg at the rid h side, star scut 6 from start le ends). On purlinnd nstruction3 ft. long gabcut 6" from gable e co s).position panel pur ln construction position panels U-Panel strips also availableOns tolieave a 2 opening.to leave a 2" opening. ITEM #LENGTH DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTIONCAPVR 50 ProfileVent for R-Panel CACRIR-Panel insideAvailable in following packages: 50 package - 2 x 25 rollsCAPVU50 ProfileVent for U-Panel CACRO R-Panel outside 20\' package2 x 10" rolls 50\' package2 x 25" rolls1 x 1-1/2 x 25 Roll Universal ClosurePipe100\' package2 x 50" rollsITEM #Flashing CACRUC R-Panel Die Formed Flashing White CATALOGITEM #Allow 2" opening at ridge forProfileVent can be cut withScrew through ridge cap and top CARFLASHWHT 1 ventilation. ProfileVent is rolled 2 scissors or utility knife. 3 of each anchor clip.Blind Rivetsout along the ridge, gable to gable,can be used to anchor the ridge cap R-Panel Die Formed about 1/2" to 1" up-slope from theInset: When splicing ProfileVent,when using architectural or standing Made of long life, flexible weather-make the splice at the center top of Flashing ridge cap edge. The positioningt oof gra y d use caulk or sealant on seam panels.pr ibanadhesive on most profiles will holdhe high r EPDM rubber or silicalong the splice.Galvalume ProfileVent in position and allow forFlexible, corrosion resistant repositioning. aluminum base conforms to anyITEM # U-Panel Die Formedpanel configuration.CARFLASHGLV Flashing EPDM and silicone will not crackCurrent panel profiles White or breakITEM # Pipe diameter markings are clearly3/4" Hi Rib CAUFLASHWHT indicated for accurate fitting.R-Panel Designed for 1/4 to 24U-Panel Die Formeddiameter pipesProfileVent matches most major OEM profiles.Call for details.Flashing 20 year warranty Galvalume ITEM # ITEM # CA3P #3 Fits 1/4" - 4" PipeCAUFLASHGLVCA5P #5 Fits 4" - 7" PipeCA8P #8 Fits 7" - 13" Pipe Low Profile Floating Ridge Vent 9 Continuous VentilatorContinued on following page48SFS intec, Inc.|Roofing and Cladding Product Guide|1-800-234-45332015 SFS intec, Inc.ITEM # ITEM #CARV1GLow profile vent galvalume CARV3G9" Ridget Vent GalvalumeCARV2WLow profile vent white CARV4W9" Ridget Vent Whitewww.sss-steel.com 291'