b'PIPE & RAILING FITTINGSWeld On Pipe EndSeamless Weld-On 90 Pipe Caps Pipe Elbows Railing Sch. 40 Elbows Bevelled edges for easy welding With seamCarbon steel Long radius; 1" inner radiusMade from mild steel; SCH40ITEM #PIPEDESCRIPTION Great for handrails and other SIZE ID non-fluid, non-pressure applicationsELCAP11"End Cap ITEM #PIPE SIZE I.D.DESCELCAP1141-1/4"End Cap EL11490S1-1/4"90 BendELCAP112 1-1/2"End Cap EL11290S1-1/2"90 BendELCAP22"End CapELCAP2122-1/2"End CapELCAP33"End Cap Carbon steel Weld-On Pipe TSELCAP4 4"End Cap Schedule 40Bevelled edgesELCAP5 5End Cap Long Radius Carbon SteelELCAP66"End Cap Beveled edges ready for easy welding Schedule 40 pipeITEM #PIPE SIZE I.D.DESC. ITEM #PIPE SIZE I.D. DESCStamped Steel PipeEL12451/2"45 Bend ELTE11"90/180 T CATALOGELTE1141-1/4"90/180 TEnd Caps EL34453/4"45 Bend ELTE1121-1/2"90/180 TEL1451"45 Bend ELTE22"90/180 TEL114451-1/4"45 Bend ELTE2122-1/2"90/180 TEL112451-1/2"45 Bend ELTE33"90/180 TSC8RP SC6RP EL2452"45 Bend ELTE44"90/180 TEL212452-1/2"45 Bend ELTE66"90/180 TEL3453"45 BendEL4454"45 BendEL6456"45 Bend Steel DishedSC5RP SC4RP Drive-On CapsITEM #PIPE SIZE I.D.DESC.SC312RP SC3RP EL12901/290 BendEL34903/490 BendEL190190 BendEL11490R1-1/490 BendSC212RP SC2RP EL112901-1/290 BendEL290290 BendEL212902-1/290 BendSC112RP SC114RP EL390390 Bend ITEM #OUTSIDE DIA.FITS PIPEStamped from heavy gauge steel EL490490 Bend SC114DOC1.66"1-1/4"SCH 40EL690690 Bend SC112DOC1.90"1-1/2" SCH 40Non-fluid and non-pressurerelated applications Pressed Steel SteelITEM #PIPE O.D.DESCRIPTIONSC114RP1-5/8" Flat End Cap Dome Caps FlatSC112RP1-7/8" Flat End Cap Slides overDrive-OnSC2RP2-3/8"Round End Cap Pipe O.D.CapsSC212RP2-7/8 Round End Cap measurements SC3RP3-1/2Flat End Cap listed below.SC312RP4Flat End CapSC4RP4-1/2Flat End Cap ITEM #PIPE O.D.DESC.SC5RP5-1/2Flat End Cap SC165893-1/2"End Cap ITEM #OUTSIDE DIA.FITS PIPESC6RP6-5/8Flat End Cap SC1651024"End Cap SC166FC1.66" 1-1/4" SCH 40 pipeSC8RP8-5/8Flat End Cap SC1651144-1/2"End Cap SC190FC1.90" 1-1/2" SCH 40 pipewww.sss-steel.com 67'