b'P A G EM HAEGANDEETRIC GATE LATCHESMagna-LatchALERT Models withAudible AlarmSafety Latches NEW SAFETy FEATURES Flashing LEDReferred to as the World\'sAUDIBLE ALARM FLASHING LED#1 Child Safety Latch For When You Do NotProvides a Clear FEATURES Have Visual Contact Visual WarningMagnetic latchingKey lockableVertical or horizontal adjustment MagnaLatch ALERTMagnaLatch ALERT Designed specifically for securingVertical Pull Safety gates around: Top Pull Safety LatchSwimming pools Pool & Child Safety LatchHome yardsChild care centers Visual and audible alarm Child &MagnaLatch At-a-glance lock indicator Pet SecurityMagnetic latching Smaller, compact Top PullIncludes battery,modelMagnetichardware, keys, manual Visual & audibleSafety GatealarmAt-a-glance lock Latch indicatorThe ultimate pool Magnetic latchingCATALOGsafety gate latch Includes keys, battery, Designed especially forhardware, manualswimming poolBoth of the ALERT Latches gates butThis Model Does can beNot Have Alarm(HAMLSP and HA9MAT2) installed onand Flashing LED Includes Flashing LED & an any gate where child safety is important Audible AlarmFlashing LEDITEM #COLOR DESCRIPTION HA9M1Black20-1/2" Top PullHAMLKEYSpare KeyThis Model DoesAudible AlarmNot Have Alarm and Flashing LEDITEM # DESCRIPTIONHA9MAT1 Top PullSide Pull Magnetic Safety Gate LatchMagnaLatch VerticalLatch has No Pull Magnetic Safety Visual or Audible Gate Latch AlarmSame as the Top Pull in a smaller, more compact bodyITEM # COLORDESCRIPTION ITEM #COLORDESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION HA9M2Black 10-1/4" Vertical Pull HAMLSP Black 2-3/8" Side Pull HA9MAT2Vertical Pull 24 www.sss-steel.com'