b'PRPAEMGEIU HME ASDLIEDRING DOOR HARDWAREPremium Quality Sliding Door Track & Roller SystemPremium Quality Sliding Door Track & Roller System works with items in this section only.Premium Galvanized Track Four Wheel Dimensions:Trolley1-3/4" WForged body2-1/8" HSteel wheels 236 L with heavy Weight:42 lbs. duty bearingsITEM # Sold HAC24individuallyITEM #Bottom Roller Guide HAC4C We offer a FREE service to cut track intoNylon rollersmaller sections for shipping via UPS ITEM #Requested cutting for in store purchasesHAC36 will be charged a small cutting fee.Two Wheel Two Wheel Two Wheel CATALOGTrolley Trolley withTurning Forged body Wing Hinge Trolley Steel wheelsForged bodyForged body with heavySteel wheels withSteel wheels duty bearings heavy dutywith heavy duty Soldbearings bearings.individually Sold individually Sold individuallyITEM # ITEM # ITEM #HAC2C HAC14C HAC8C Premium Overhead TrolleysThese premium overhead trolleys work with standard sized I-beams.3 Overhead Trolley 4 Overhead TrolleyWith 2-1/2 drop With 3-3/16 dropFits 3 or 4 I-beams Fits 5 or 6 I-beamsTrolley Center Spacing: 6 min./ 36 max. Trolley Center Spacing: 8 min./ 32 max.Single Trolley Load Capacity: 200 lbs. Single Trolley Load Capacity: 400 lbs.ITEM# DESCRIPTION ITEM#DESCRIPTIONHATA33 Overhead Trolley HATA5 4 Overhead Trolley48 www.sss-steel.com'