b'STPAAINGLEE HSESA SDTEREL RAILING SYSTEMStainless Steel Tube Handrail FittingsArticulated ElbowAdjustable from 90 to 180(with offset)Fits 1.66 tube posts316 stainless steel with satin finishITEM # FITS TUBE ANGLE SFE4471 1.6690 - 180Straight ConnectorsFor connecting two303/304 STAINLESS STEEL316 STAINLESS STEELstraight runs ofFor Interior Use For Exterior Use hand-rail tubingCATALOGFits 1.66 tube90 Soft Bend Elbow 90 Hard Bend Elbow postsFits 1.66 tube posts Fits 1.66 tube posts Choice of stainless steel or brass316 stainless steel 316 stainless steel ITEM # FITS TUBEMATERIALwith satin finish with satin finishSFE455 1.66 Stainless SteelSFE024 1.66Brass ITEM # FITS TUBE ANGLEITEM # FITS TUBE ANGLE SFE451 1.66 90 SFE450 1.6690Three-Way T Three-Way CornerConnector Hard Bend Fits 1.66 tube Elbowposts316 stainless steel with satin finish Fits 1.66 tube postsITEM # FITS TUBE ANGLE 316 stainless steel with satin finish SFE453 1.6690ITEM # FITS TUBE ANGLESFE203 1.66 90Adjustable ElbowAdjustable from 45 Hard Bend Elbow90 to 270 Fits 1.66Fits 1.66 tube poststube posts 316 stainless steel316 stainless steel with satin finish with satin finishITEM # FITS TUBE ANGLE ITEM # FITS TUBE ANGLE SFE446 1.66 90-270 SFE2015 1.6645184 www.sss-steel.com'