b'MECHANICAL & PUSH BUTTON LOCKS For Technical Information and Install Manuals on Lockey Products, Visit www.tsdistributors.comMechanicalMechanical LatchAdd-A-Bolt Gate KitDeadboltCode LockCode LockSatin Chrome FinishFree-spinningstainless steelcore shaft thatcannot be cut Satin Chrome with a hacksaw FinishRight or leftChangeable combination Length: 6"hand door, changeable For right or left hand door handing Width: 2"Single or double 2-3/8 or 2-3/4 deadlocking Depth: 1-1/2"combination available spring latchGB210 Gate Kit includes:Adjustable deadbolt length Easy code change as GB-Add-A-Bolt Gate Box Easy code change as often as required often as required M210DC Keyless DeadboltDifferent or same codes on each sideWeather Resistant Drive-in Deadboltof double sided units ITEM #DESCRIPTION Bolts to Existing Gate Frame CATALOGCovers 2-1/8 hole MCLL2835Single-Sided Latch SilverITEM #DESCRIPTION MCLL2835BKSingle-Sided Latch Black Highly recommended to drill hole 15/16" MCLL2210Single Sided Deadbolt Knob MCLL2835DSDouble-Sided Latch Silver & file to fit. A sloppy bolt will not seat MCLL2210DSDouble Sided Deadbolt Knob MCLL2835DSBK Double-Sided Latch Black properly. MCLL238 Replacement StrikeITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTIONLB2835 Weldable Lockbox for Lockey Locks LB2835 Weldable Lockbox for Lockey Locks MCLLAABAdd-A-Bolt Gate KitGB2102950 Hook BoltPlus-L Kit Replaces Adams-Rite LockMortised hook bolt lock; 1-1/8 backsetSteel Gate BoxFive-ply laminated steelhook bolt with w/ Lever andconcealed hardneed steel pin for Keyless Deadbolt maximum security4-3/4 WINSIDE9-3/4 H 1-3/4 DDouble sidedSatin Chrome FinishITEM #DESCRIPTIONMCLLGB210LKnob and Lever KitWeldable Steel LockboxFor Lockey and Code Locks Brands4-3/4" Wx 7-5/8" H xLockbox Sold Separately1-3/4" Depth ITEM #COLOR2-3/8 backset MCLL2950 Satin Chrome1-7/16" x 1-3/4" square hole forMCLL2950DC Double Satin Chromemechanicals, 7/16" hole at top MCLL2950BKBlackITEM #DESCRIPTION MCLL2950DCBK Double BlackLB2835Lockbox for Lockey & Code Locks MCLLGB950Lockbox for 2950 Hook Boltwww.sss-steel.com 35'