b'HANDRAIL BRACKETSForged Round BarOrnamental HandrailHandrail Bracket Handrail Bracket Three hole base plate BracketNo base plate ZINC Material: ZINC ZINC5/8" round, Two hole rosetteMaterial: 1/2" square distressed base plateRail Mounting Plate: Rail Mounting Material: 1/2" round,1" x 4" x 1/4" thick Plate: n/a decorativeOffset: Wall to Center of Handrail Offset: Wall to Center of HandrailITEM #WALL OFFSETBASE SIZE ITEM #WALL OFFSETBASE SIZE ITEM #WALL OFFSETBASE SIZECI140512-7/8"N/A CI140532-3/4"3-1/4" CI94A13"3-5/8"Hammered Cast Iron HandrailHandrail Bracket BracketZINCThree hole base plate For 1-1/2" roundMaterial: 1/2" square,tubinghammered Rail Mounting Plate:Rail Mounting Plate: 1-3/8" x 2-3/4" x 1/8" thick CATALOG1" x 4" x 1/4" thick Offset: Wall to CenterOffset: Wall to Center of Handrail of HandrailZINCITEM #WALL OFFSETBASE SIZE ITEM #WALL OFFSETBASE SIZECI140522-3/4"3-1/4" CI3HRB3-1/2"3-3/4"We Stock A Wide Selection of Tube and Channel For Your HandrailAsk a Sales Representative for One of STEEL &Our FREE Steel Reference Guides R ALUMINUMEFERENCE GUIDE(ALUMINUM) Arbor/ Page 81 ALAMO IRON WORKSPage 78Page 80 Page 78www.sss-steel.com 65'