b'CASTERSHeavy-Duty Casters Semi-Steel Casters Two Sizes Available:with Roller Bearing4" x 2"or6" x 2" RigidRigid Two Sizes Available: Three Styles 4" x 2"or6" x 2" Polyurethane Molded on Cast Iron Two StylesRoller bearing in wheelZinc plated forSwivel w/Brakecorrosion resistanceDouble ball racewaySwivel caster with cast with 5/8" Kingbolt Swivel steel wheel SwivelGrease fittings onStraight roller bearing raceways and axles in wheel4" x 4-1/2"4" x 4-1/2" Top plateTop plate 2-5/8" x 3-5/8" -to- 3" x 3" Bolt hole patternITEM #WHEEL DIA.LOAD CAP. TOP PLATEOVERALL HEIGHT 3/8" Mounting boltHA4PR 4 800 lbs. Rigid5-5/8"Zerk fitting on wheelHA6PR 61200 lbs.Rigid7-1/2" CATALOGITEM #WHEEL DIA.LOAD CAP. TOP PLATEOVERALL HEIGHT ITEM #WHEEL DIA.LOAD CAP. TOP PLATEOVERALL HEIGHTHA4PS 4800 lbs. Swivel5-5/8" HA4SRH 4 700 lbs. Rigid5-5/8" HA6PS 6 1200 lbs.Swivel7-1/2" HA6SRH 61200 lbs.Rigid7-1/2" ITEM #WHEEL DIA.LOAD CAP. TOP PLATEOVERALL HEIGHT ITEM #WHEEL DIA.LOAD CAP. TOP PLATEOVERALL HEIGHTHA4PSB 4800 lbs. Swivelw/Brake5-5/8" HA4SS 4700 lbs. Swivel5-5/8" HA6PSB 6 1200 lbs.Swivelw/Brake7-1/2" HA6SS 6 1200 lbs.Swivel7-1/2" Fully-Pneumatic Multi-PurposeWheel Casters CastersRigidDriveway GatesMoving Dolly SwivelTool CartsEquipment RacksPortable ConveyorsITEM #WHEEL DIA.LOAD CAP.WHEEL MTL.TOP PLATEHA2SM2125 lbs.MetalSwivelHA3SM3250 lbs.MetalSwivelHA4SM4350 lbs.MetalSwivelHA212SR2 1/2175 lbs.RubberSwivelHA3SR3210 lbs.RubberSwivelHA4SR4300 lbs.RubberSwivelHA6SR6560 lbs.RubberSwivelWheel size: 8 x 2-1/2 HA2RM2125 lbs.MetalRigidPlate size: 4-1/2 x 4 x-1/4 HA3RM3250 lbs.MetalRigidHA4RM4350 lbs.MetalRigidHA212RR2 1/2175 lbs.RubberRigidITEM #STYLE HA3RR3210 lbs.RubberRigidHA27Swivel HA4RR4300 lbs.RubberRigidHA29Rigid HA6RR6560 lbs.RubberRigidwww.sss-steel.com 43'