b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESLOOP DETECTORSTinned CopperSingle ChannelPlug-InLoop Wire Single Output / Low Power Loop Mini Loop Detector DetectorExtremely 18 gaugeSmall Form Compatible with stranded XLPE Security+ 2.0tinned copperloop wireSold in 1000 ft. rolls 4 selectable sensitivities &frequencies 8 sensitivity settingsITEM # DESCRIPTION Wrong voltage protection Boost for high-profile vehiclesGTAW14Black 18 ga. Loop Wire Separate power/fault and4 frequency optionsdetect indicators Plug-in connector; No wiring neededPreformed Loops Automatic sensitivity boost 12VDC/3mA low power drawPower supply requirement: Includes diagnostic and test feature10 to 30V DC or AC, 1ma nominal Prevents the gate from closing on a 50 ft. lead Screw terminal connections forvehicle in the pathUsed underpower, loop and output Power Efficient for maximum cyclesCATALOGconcrete or otheron Battery Backuppave-over applications Compatible with Gate Operators with Stocked in 4 x 8 and 8 x 12.these Page Background Colors: Compatible with Gate Operators with Other sizes available upon request these Page Background Colors: ITEM#DESCRIPTIONGTAL484 ft. x 8 ft. Size ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM#DESCRIPTION GTAL8128 ft. x 12 ft. Size GTANP2ESL Sngl Channel Loop Detector GTELOOPDETLM Plug-In Loop DectectorSOLAR PANELS and BRACKETSPanels Seven DayTimerFrom 5 to over 40 watt charging capacity Compatible with Maintains gate operator batteries in remote locations Choose Between a 12 or 24 Hour ClockGate Operators Format to Program Open/Close Times with these Page Back-up rechargeable battery forBackground ITEM #VOLTWATT DIMENSIONSBRACKET INFORMATION power outages or brown outs Colors:GTS201125 12.9" x 8.5" Brackets Included in BoxFlexible programmingGTADTM12GTS210121014.5" x 12.2" Brackets Included in Boxwith 16 ON/OFF12 Volt GTS220122022 x 14.2Brackets Included in Box events per dayGTS240124526.2" x 21.2"Brackets Not IncludedLarge display and ITEM #VOLT WATT DIMENSIONSBRACKET INFORMATION push-buttons for Compatible with GTS2202424 20 22.9" x 14.2" Brackets Included in Box easy operationGTS2402424 4526.2" x 21.2Brackets Not Included Battery backupGate Operators for power outages with these Page ITEM #DESCRIPTION DIN rail mountBackground GTSS10L24V Solar Regulator for 24V or 12Vww installation Colors:Three power supply options GTADTM24Brackets Manual override for ON 24 Volt AC/DCBrackets Do Not Include Hardware to Mount on Surface or OFF operationITEM #BRACKET INFORMATION ITEM #DESCRIPTION GTS24BK Aluminum Brackets for GTS240 / GTS24024 GTADTM1212 Volt InputGTS208 Flatbar Metal Brackets for GTS201/ GTS210/ GTS220 / GTS22024 GTADTM2424 Volt AC/DC Inputwww.sss-steel.com 329'