b'CPANGTEIL HEVEAERD EGRATE SYSTEMARolling Cantilever Gate SystemNo Ground Track NeededEnd Wheel Guide Track Gate Roller End CapThe End Wheel encloses theWe offer a FREE serviceFully sealedThe End Cap fits into the exposed end of the guideto cut track into smallerbearing construction Guide Track, closing the CATALOGtrack.sections for easy shippingend of the channel and It acts as a gate stop andvia UPS. providing a finished look.guide, ensuring correctGalvanized trackclosing alignment andRuns entire length of gateguiding the gate on to theSee the optional Post end cap. Mounting Bracket for Fully sealed bearing construction Gate Rollers on adjacent pageHow this System Works AdvantagesThe cantilever gate system has no ground track. Instead, the gate has a bottom rail,No Disruption to the Driveway - Great for pavers or which uses two sets of enclosed rollers tosculptured drivewayssupport the gate opening/closing. Driveway Does Not have to be Flat, Level or Concrete - The gate rollers, both the same size, areBumps or dips in the driveway, gravel or grass entrances spaced apart at a distance and anchored.have no impact on the opening/closing of the gateWorks on an Angle - Ideal for driveways with steep inclinesAn end cap or post is placed at one endNo Track Damage or continual track maintenance due to to ensure the gate cannot slide free of thehigh traffic entrancesmounting. For additional support, an endDebris Removal is Minimal -With no track or wheels on wheel can be installed to ensure correctthe ground,gate opens easily and free of obstructionsalignment when closing. Snow & Ice Will Not Affect Wheel Movement - None of the wheels or track come directly or indirectly in contact with the groundThis Gate System is Suited for: Easy, Quick Install - Requires no ground track installationHigh Traffic Industrial & Commercial Properties The Gate Cannot be Lifted Off the Track - Entrance Climates that Receive Ice & Snow remains secureEntrances on an Incline Quieter than Track Systems- No noise from wheels Entries Where the Use of Ground Track is not an Option moving across track52 www.sss-steel.com'