b'PEPRASGOEN HAELA SDAEFRETY EQUIPMENTMaxview VisitorRidgeline Full BrimRidgeline Full Brim Safety GlassesHard Hat Standard Ratchet Hard Hat Vented RatchetAir Vents At Top & Rear of HardhatMeets ANSI Z87.1-1989 StandardITEM#DESCRIPTIONWS79302Clear Lens, Clear FrameMatte Camo PatternGraphite Pattern Safety Goggles 4-Point, Full Brim Style 4-Point, Full Brim StyleABS material: Strong yet ultra-light forMeets Class Cseemingly weightless protection ABS material; Strong yet ultra-lightRatchet suspension is easy to adjustRatchet suspension is easy to adjust and allows wearer to modify the fitand allows the wearer to modify the while wearing hard hat fit while wearing hard hatSoft brow pad is replaceable Soft brow pad is replaceableAnti-fog perforated goggle with4-point suspension can be converted4-point suspensions can be rubber strap to a 6-point suspension converted to a 6-point suspensionCATALOGMeets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 Meets ANSI Z89.1-2014, Cert. Mod. - CAN/CSAMeets ANSI Z89.1-2014, Cert Mod. -CAN/CSA safety standardsZ94.1-15, Type1, Class E, G, and C Z94.1-15, Type 1, Class E, G, and CITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM# DESCRIPTIION ITEM# DESCRIPTIONWS3155Clear Lens, Clear Frame WS54119Standard Ratchet WS54117VVented Ratchet Eye Cup CuttingProtectiveFas-Trac (Ratchet) Goggle Hard Hats (B) AdjustmentMeets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 Class E, Type I StandardsAvailable in Fas-Trac suspension or Staz-On suspensionAdjustable fit rigid frame, 50 mm cup(A)goggle with baffled vents.Staz-On (Pin Lock)(C)ITEM#DESCRIPTION Adjustment WSECGEye-cup Cutting GoggleCoverall FlipITEM#STYLECOLORSUSPENSIONADJUSTMENTWSHH1(A) Front Brim, SlottedWhite4-PointStaz-On (Pin Lock)Welding Goggle WSA69RW(B) Front Brim, SlottedWhite4-PointFas-Trac (Ratchet)WSA69RR(B) Front Brim, SlottedRed4-PointFas-Trac (Ratchet)WSA69RB(B) Front Brim, SlottedBlue4-PointFas-Trac (Ratchet)WSA69RO(B) Front Brim, SlottedOrange4-PointFas-Trac (Ratchet)WSA69RY(B) Front Brim, SlottedYellow4-PointFas-Trac (Ratchet)WSE1SW(C) Full 360 Brim, Non-SlottedWhite4-PointFas-Trac (Ratchet)Flexible frame with 2 x 4-1/4 wide WSA49RR(C) Full 360 Brim, Non-SlottedRed4-PointFas-Trac (Ratchet)lens lift-front cover and hooded vents.WSA49RB(C) Full 360 Brim, Non-SlottedBlue4-PointFas-Trac (Ratchet)ITEM#DESCRIPTION WSA49RO(C) Full 360 Brim, Non-SlottedOrange4-PointFas-Trac (Ratchet)WSGB90HCoverall Flip Goggle WSA49RY(C) Full 360 Brim, Non-SlottedYellow4-PointFas-Trac (Ratchet) 238 www.sss-steel.com'