b'SELF-CLOSING HINGESHinge and Closer External Mount Easy install - No special tools or holes in postPower-Packed Hinge and Closer in One Gap variance of 1/2 to 1 3/8 Mounting bracket & fasteners includedThis hinge and closer in one is hydraulic, compact, and heavy-duty.Quick alignment legsThe perfect design for commercial, industrial, and estate gates. Non-removable adjustment nozzlesDesigned for new and existing gatesPlease Note: One of the following combinations using two hinges is needed for proper gate installation.Self-Closing180 O Swing Gate/Not Rated Hinge Combination for Self Closing180 Degrees /180 lb Gate WeightHA74108315 (ReadyFit Hinge/Closer)withHA74001315 (ReadyFit Hinge Only) CATALOGHinge Combination for Self Closing180 Degrees /260 lb Gate WeightHinge Only HA74108315 (ReadyFit Hinge/Closer)MUST PURCHASE TWO HINGE/CLOSERSEACH HINGE IS SOLDSelf-Closing90 O Swing GateSEPARATELY Hinge Combination for Self ClosingNOT SOLD AS PAIRS 90 Degrees /180 lb Gate WeightHA74108325 (ReadyFit Hinge/Closer)Non Self-ClosingLoad Bearing withHA74001315 (ReadyFit Hinge Only)ITEM #DESCRIPTIONHA74108315ReadyFit Hinge/Closer Hinge Combination for Self Closingfor 180o Swing 90 Degrees /260 lb Gate WeightHA74108325ReadyFit Hinge/Closerfor 90o Swing HA74108325 (ReadyFit Hinge/Closer)HA74001315ReadyFit Hinge Only MUST PURCHASE TWO HINGE/CLOSERSRound Post Regular Duty: Maximum load: 375 lbs.Hinges GateWeight: 55 lbs. Dimensions: HITCAMA2RND: 4" x 3-3/4"Heavy Duty: Maximum load: 700 lbs. GateWeight: 132 lbs. Ideal for Dimensions: HITCHDRND1: 4-1/8 x 5 Chain Link Dimensions: HITCHDRND2: 4-3/4 x 5Fence ITEM # DUTY GATE FRAME Hinges Sold HITCAMA2RNDRegular1-3/8" to 1-5/8"in Pairs HITCHDRND1Heavy 1-3/8" to 1-5/8"HITCHDRND2Heavy 1-7/8" to 2"www.sss-steel.com 15'