b'WELDING WIRE & SUPPLIESStainless SteelFlux Cored Standard Grade Welding Wire Welding Wire MIG Welding WireWire Size: .030Wire Sizes: .030 / .035ER 308L ER70S-6 Carbon SteelShielding Gas Required Shielding Gas RequiredUsed for AISI types 304L, 308L,For Mild Steel Applications321, 347 AWS Specification: A5.18ITEM #SPOOL SIZE Welding Current: DCEP WW0302SS2 lbs. (Electrode Positive, Reverse Polarity)WW03010SS11 lbs. Yield Strength: 73,000 psi Tensile Strength: 90,000 psiAluminum Welding Shielding Gas: CO2ITEM #WIRE SIZESPOOL SIZE Wire WW023.02311 lbs.Wire Size: .030 Wire Sizes: .030 / .035 WW03010 .03011 lbs.WW030.03030 lbs.ER 4043 871T-GS WW03510 .03511 lbs.Shielding Gas No Shielding Gas Required WW035.03533 lbs.CATALOGRequired For Mild Steel WeldingWW045.04533 lbs.For 2014, 5052, 6061 ITEM #WIRE SIZESPOOL SIZE and 6063 Sheets, Plates andShapes WW030FC.030 11 lbs.Please Call forWW035FC.035 11 lbs. ITEM # SPOOL SIZE WW0352FC.035 2 lbs.Quantity Pricing WW0301A1 lb. WW0302FC.030 2 lbs.Anti-SpatterWire Lube Pads Specialty MIG Pliersand Nozzle Dip For All 8 Specialty Prevents weldWelding Wire Tools in Onespatter adhesionReduces burn-backs & erratic feedto MIG gunIncreases life of wire drive motor &The Genuine MIG Toolnozzles, tips,wire feed surfaceelectrode hold- Specifically for CO 2weldingers and weldedSafe & non-toxic pads remove dustFunctionality includes; hammering, products. contamination & lower friction wire cutting, insulation bushing re-For MIG welding of steel, stainlessmoval/installation & drawing out wire ITEM #SIZETYPE hard-facing, silicon-bronze, alumini- Removes spatter from nozzle endum, solid and flux core wireWSAS 16 oz. AerosolAnti-Spatter ITEM #ITEM #WSNG 16 oz. JarNozzle-Dip Gel WS7061HT775Brazing Flux Low Fuming BrazingFlux Coated Brazing Rods RodsReduces clean up time1 LB containerProvides strong bondUse for steel, brass, bronze, copper and malleable ironITEM #SIZE / LENGTH ITEM #SIZE / LENGTH ITEM# SIZE WRBR3323/32 x 36WRBRF332 3/32 x 36 WSBF11 lb. Container WRBR18 1/8 x 36WRBRF181/8 x 36www.sss-steel.com 233'