b"SWPIANGGE G HAETAED AEURTOMATION SYSTEMWhat's Included in the BoxITEM ITEM NUMBERElite Series CSW 24V Commercial DCPhoto Eye GTELMRRUSwing Gate Operator Package Radio Receiver Built in BoardSWING GATE UP TO 18 FT / 600 LBSControl Board GTEDCBDUor 12 FT / 1200 LBS Batteries (2) GTEBT12COMMERCIAL USE 2.0 TechnologyPAD MOUNTPHOTO EYE INCLUDED Power: 110V or 220V single phase AC POWER Travel speed: 90 in 13-15 secondsOptional AccessoriesITEM ITEM NUMBERLoop Detector GTELOOPDETLMKeypad GTXWKP250 Exit Probe GTACP4 Remote GTX811CATALOGSmartphone Access GX828LMITEM #DESCRIPTION Fire Box GTFBMSGTECSW24VDC 24 VDC Commercial Operator1500 12VDC Residential Swing Gate OperatorSingle Arm PackageControl Box Includes the 636 Circuit Board( ( 433.92 MH z) ) ) What's Included in the BoxITEM ITEM NUMBERRadio Receiver GTS318NControl Box GTS1500SWING GATE UP TO 16 FT /Optional Accessories600 LBS ITEM ITEM NUMBER Required:Must Purchase SeparatelyRESIDENTIAL USE Secondary Arm GTS816X1K IITTEEMM ITEM NUMBERPOST MOUNT Loop Detector GTANP2ESL Arm GTS8161KAC or SOLAR* or BATTERY POWERKeypad GTSMX5151Transformer GTS404(*12v system is solarExit Probe GTACP4orcompatible) Remote GTSN2 Solar Panel GTS210ITEM #DESCRIPTION Smartphone Access GTTNEXX Batteries (1) GTA12VGTS1500Control Box w/ 636 Board324 www.sss-steel.com"