b'WELDED STEEL FENCING1 Rails, 5/8 Black Flat Top/Flat BottomTwo Rail PanelWelded constructionTwo galvanized and powder-coated 16 gauge 1 square rails Galvanized and powder-coated tubular steel pickets, 3-7/8 picket openingGalvanized and Powder-Coated!Flat Top/Flat BottomITEM #RAILS PICKET APPROX. SIZE DIMENSIONSMATCHING GATEManufactured to the highestGF5834FT2 5/8 x 16ga3 ft x 8 ft 34 H x 90.5 WN/Astandards to ensure long-lastingGF5846FT2 5/8" x 18ga4 ft x 8 ft 46 H x 90.5 WGBIGP4842beauty and protection. GF5858FT2 5/8" x 18ga5 ft x 8 ft 58 H x 90.5 WGBIGP6042GF5870FT2 5/8" x 18ga6 ft x 8 ft 70 H x 90.5 WGBIGP7242GF5840FT120 2 5/8 x 18ga 3.5 ft x 10 ft 40 H x 120 WN/A2 RAIL NOTE CATALOGNot All Items Stocked AtAll Locations.1-1/2 Rails, 3/4Pickets Some Items May be Shipped to Black Flat Top/Flat Bottom Store for Pickup. Two Rail Panel Please Inquire.Welded constructionTwo galvanized and powder-coated 16 gauge 1-1/2 square railsFlat Top/Flat Bottom 16 gauge 3/4 tubular steel pickets, 3-7/8 picket openingClassic styling for commercial Galvanized and Powder-Coated!boundaries with a heavy, sturdy look. ITEM #RAILSAPPROX. SIZE DIMENSIONSMATCHING GATEGF3446FT24 ft x 8 ft46 H x 90.5 WGBCMIGP4842GF3458FT25 ft x 8 ft58 H x 90.5 WGBCMIG6042GF3470FT26 ft x 8 ft70 H x 90.5 WGBCMIGP7242Find Gate PostsG-Rail - Add-On Rail for Welded Panel and Bracketson Pages Make a Two-Rail Fence 312-313Three-Rail In Minutes16 gauge, 8 ft length; Powder-coatedITEM # RAILDESCRIPTIONGRAIL811 16 Gauge, 8FT Residential GRAIL8112 1-1/2 16 Gauge, 8FT Residential www.sss-steel.com 311'