b'STPAAINGLEE HSESA SDTEREL RAILING SYSTEMStainless Steel Handrail Tubing andEnd Caps90 Handrail End CapFits 1.66 tubeFlat endextends 2-1/2"Satin finishITEM #TUBE DIAMETERHEIGHT SFE4521.662-1/290 Handrail End CapFits 1.66 tubeRounded endextends 2-1/2"Satin finish withpressure fittingITEM #TUBE DIAMETERHEIGHT SFE4811.663-1/8303/304 STAINLESS STEEL316 STAINLESS STEELHandrail Wall AnchorFor Interior Use For Exterior Use Fits 1.66 tubeCATALOGHigh ProfileMedium Profile2-3/4" diameter baseDome Cap Dome Cap 1" heightSatin finish Fits 1.66 tube Fits 1.66 tubeSolid AISI 303 stainless steel Solid AISI 303stainless steel ITEM #TUBE DIAMETERHEIGHT Satin finish with knurling Satin finish with knurling SFE4561.66 1ITEM #TUBE DIAMETERHEIGHTITEM #TUBE DIAMETERHEIGHT SFE011121.66 3/4" SFE0111.66 3/4"Low Profile Flat CapFits 1.66 tubeHollow stainless steel AISI 316Satin finish with knurlingITEM #TUBE DIAMETERHEIGHT Stainless SteelSFE4100 1.661/8Handrail Tubes Low Profile Dome CapFor posts and handrails Fits 1.66 tubeSatin finished with 240 grain Solid AISI 303 stainless steel1.66 diameter x 14 ga. approx wall Satin finish with knurlingITEM #TUBE DIAMETERHEIGHT Knob Handrail End CapthicknessAvailable in 304 stainless steel for interior useSFE0119 1.661/4and 316 for outdoor or more corrosiveenvironments. Low Profile Dome Cap Fits 1.66 tubeFits 1.66 tube Balled endITEM #LENGTH GRADE extends 4-5/32" SFE001 9\'10"304 Stainless Hollow AISI 316 stainless steel Satin finishSFE0016000 19\'8"304 Stainless Satin finish with pressure fitting SFE4801 9\'10"316 Stainless ITEM #TUBE DIAMETERHEIGHT ITEM #TUBE DIAMETERHEIGHT SFE48016000 19\'8"316 Stainless SFE316 1.661/4 SFE4571.662-1/2 182 www.sss-steel.com'