b'GAS APPARATUSSingle Line InertTwin LineSingle Stage Series Gas Hose Torch 30 Regulators1/4 diameter Hose Available Individually or Twin Pack*6 FT black hose 2 Gauges5/8-18 RH male connections Complete withMedium DutyITEM # DESCRIPTION pre-fitted VCS72941 Black Single Hose ferrules and brass connectorsITEM # ID X LENGTH ITEM # GAS Combination TorchWS25 1/4 x 25 VCSHB1710B540Oxygen Only& Tip Package WS50H 1/4 x 50 VCSHB1721B510 Acetylene Only WS100 1/4 x 100 VCSHTP2*Twin Pack Heavy-DutyCuts up to 8 Series 30 Single Stage Welds up to 1/2 Medium-duty Single Stage FlowFlow MeterCuts up to 6Gauge RegulatorWelds up to 3/8Kits includes: Complete WithCutting assembly6 FT Hose CATALOGw/two tips 2 gaugesTorch-mount Control of shield flashback arrestors For Argon gas gases for MIG & TIG weldingIncludes 6 hose with inert hoseFor use with Argon, ITEM #DESCRIPTION connections Helium, CO 2 or Argon/CO 2mix VCSH16280 Heavy-Duty ITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION VCSM16281Medium-Duty VCSH1957B580H Flow Regulator VCSH2051580H Flow Meter Reg.Heavy-Duty HandHeavy-Duty Series 30 Acetylene OutfitCutting Torch Outfit IncludesTorch Handle 25-ft 1/4" Twin HoseCutting Attachment Friction LighterOxygen Regulator Safety GlassesAcetylene Regulator Tip cleanerCutting Tip Torch Mount WeldingTip Flashback ArrestorsHeating TipCuts up to 8 ITEM #DESCRIPTION Welds up to 1/2 VCSHDM510Cut/Weld Outfit ToughCut Cutting and Welding OutfitIncludes Welding tipCuts up to 12 Torch handle20-ft 3/16" Twin HoseSC229 nickel-plated Cutting Attachment Friction Lightercutting torchHeavy duty Series 40 TMregulators Oxygen Regulator Safety Glasses2.5 polished brass gauges Acetylene Regulator Regulator Mount Check HB190 Hard Hat TMgauge/regulator Cutting Tip ValvesITEM #Cuts up to 6 ITEM #DESCRIPTION VCSHBSH510SWelds up to1/2 VCSMB54510L ToughCut Outfitwww.sss-steel.com 275'