b"METAL BUILDING DOORSPre-Drilled DoorsStock color whiteHeavy 20 gauge face sheetPolystyrene insulated coreFlush mounted top and bottomchannels welded to both face sheetsLong lasting baked on spray coated finishAll doors prepped for 2- 3/4backset locksetWalk Door Walk DoorWalk Door Frames & w/ glass w/ vertical glassLocksets soldseparately.ITEM # CATALOGCADFW37 3' x 7' Walk DoorCADFW47 4' x 7' Walk DoorCADVG47 3' x 7' Walk Door w/Vertical GlassCADHG47 3' x 7' Walk Door Glass Walk Door Walk Door w/ Walk Door Walk Door vertical glass w/glass prepped CADFW37DB 3' x 7' Walk Door Prepped for Deadbolt for deadboltDoor Frame KitFrame kit includes heavyStock Colorgauge frame hinges andWHITEthreshold. ITEM #DOOR SIZEFRAME SIZEFrames & CADF3743' x 7'41/4 'Locksets sold CADF3763' x 7'61/4 'separately. CADF3783' x 7'81/4 'CADF4744' x 7'41/4 'CADF4764' x 7'61/4 'CADF4784' x 7'81/4 'CADF6746' x 7'41/4 'CADF676 6' x 7'61/4 'CADF678 6' x 7'81/4 'Prepped for CADF374DB 3' x 7'41/4 'lockset CADF376DB 3' x 7'61/4 'CADF378DB 3' x 7'81/4 'All walk door frame kits are the Kerf type which includes a built in weatherstrip kit to seal the door. No other weather stripping is needed!www.sss-steel.com 293"