b'ABRASIVE WHEELS AND DISCSKnotted WirePortable Band Saw BladesCup Brush For Most Standard Size Portable Band SawsITEM #LENGTHWIDTHTPI THICKNESS Such as Milwaukee,DeWalt and Porter CableMini-Grinder Cup Brush PAWSBSBM244-7/8"1/2"18.020" Hard edge, bi-metal blade2-3/4 Face for 4 & 4-1/2 Grinders PAWSBSBR2444-7/8"1/2"24.020" 18 tooth & 24 toothITEM#ARBOR For Milwaukee Compact Portable Band SawWB58234K5/8"-114" Face for larger 5" & 6" Grinders ITEM #LENGTHWIDTHTPI THICKNESS Only for the Milwaukee PAWSBSB351835-3/81/2"18.020" Compact Portable Band WB58234K65/8"-11 PAWSBSB352435-3/81/2"24.020" SawCrimped WireBearcat Bi-MetalCup Brush BGT 12 Hacksaw BladesWooden CATALOGHandle WireMini Grinder High performance bladesCup Brush with ground teeth Hand Brushes2-3/4 face for 4 & 4-1/2 Grinders Available in 18 or 24 tpi (specify) ITEM#STYLEITEM#ARBOR ITEM # WSHS26Short HandleWB58234C5/8-11 WSHSB WSHB29Long HandleCable Twisted Heavy Duty Bi-Metal Cut Saw Wire Wheel Hacksaw Frame BladesFor reciprocating saws18 TPIITEM #STYLESIZE ITEM#SIZEARBOR PABD41112Short4WB581144"5/8"-11 ITEM # PABD41113Long6WB581166"5/8"-11 HT100 PABD41118X-Long8Crimped Wire Resin Bonded6 Bench andEnd BrushMountedPedestalFor power drills, Point Wheelsshank size 1/4 For power drills, Brown Aluminumshank size 1/4 Oxide for general1-1/4" x 1-1/4" purpose off-hand work.1 inch hole with installed telescopic bushing for 3/4", 5/8and 1/2 arbors. ITEM#SIZE ITEM#GRIT ITEM#SIZERPMWBEB11 PAS27403A36Q PABD576246" x 3/4" x 1"4,456www.sss-steel.com 247'