b'HOT PIERCED BARSPlainRoundHot Pierced BarsPitchInsert standard round barBars with 4-1/2" pitch meet US 4" spacing codeITEM #MATERIALPITCHHOLE SIZENO. OF HOLESLENGTHWEIGHTSF422US5/8" Round4-1/2"5/8" Round1778-3/4"7 lbs.SF4243/4" Round6-3/4"3/4" Round1178-3/4"11 lbs.PlainSquareHot Pierced BarsInsert standard square barBars with 4-1/2 pitch meet US 4 spacing codeITEM #MATERIALPITCHHOLE SIZENO. OF HOLESLENGTHWEIGHTSF429US5/8" Square4-1/2"5/8" Square1778-3/4"8.9 lbs. CATALOGSF42103/4" Square6-5/16"3/4" Square1278-3/4"11 lbs.PlainDiamondHot Pierced BarsInsert standard square barITEM #MATERIALPITCHHOLE SIZENO. OF HOLESLENGTHWEIGHT Tree Bark StyleSF42243/4" Square6-5/16"11/16" Diamond1278-3/4"11 lbs. Round Bar10 ft. lengthTree Bark ITEM #SIZELENGTHWEIGHTStyle Round SF59915/16" Round10 ft.2.5 lbs.SF59923/8" Round10 ft.4 lbs.Hot Pierced Bars SF59931/2" Round10 ft.7 lbs.Insert Tree Bark Style Round Bar SF59949/16" Round10 ft.8 lbs.SF59955/8" Round10 ft.11 lbs.ITEM #MATERIALPITCHHOLE SIZENO. HOLESMATL.BARMATCHINGSIZEDISTANCESIZEHOLESLENGTHWEIGHTSTR. BAR SF59973/4" Round10 ft.15.9 lbs.SF60619/16" Rd.5-1/2"9/16" Rd.1478-3/4"5.2 lbs.SF5994 SF59987/8" Round10 ft.21 lbs.SF60625/8" Rd.5-7/8" 5/8"Rd.1378-3/4"7 lbs.SF5995SF60643/4" Rd.6-5/8"3/4" Rd.1178-3/4" 11 lbs.SF5597Tree Bark Tree Bark StyleStyle Square Square Bar Hot Pierced Bars 10 ft. length Insert Tree Bark Style Square BarITEM #SIZELENGTHWEIGHTITEM #MATERIALPITCHHOLE SIZENO. HOLESMATL.BARMATCHING SF62351/2" Square10 ft.7.5 lbs.SIZEDISTANCESIZEHOLESLENGTHWEIGHTSTR. BAR SF62369/16" Square10 ft.10.2 lbs.SF60519/16 Sq.5-1/29/16 Sq.1478-3/4 6.6 lbs.SF6236 SF62375/8" Square10 ft.13.3 lbs.SF60525/8 Sq.5-7/8 5/8 Sq.1378-3/4 8.9 lbs.SF6237SF60543/4 Sq.6-5/8 3/4 Sq.1178-3/413.6 lbs.SF6239 SF62393/4" Square10 ft.20.7 lbs.www.sss-steel.com 79'