b'MEPTAAGLEL IHC EFAINDISEHRES AND COATINGSMidnight Black Light PewterDarkens Steel without Special EquipmentExample shown is MidnightPatina on copper sheetBlack and Copper PlatePatina on applied to steel hand rail copperCreates an authentic looking pewter coating on Darkens steel andplaster castfinish to various shades of graynon-stainless steelPatina on ITEM#SIZEbronzealloys at room tempcasting MCPR481 Quartwithout the needMCPR481G1 Gallonfor any special equipment Dark Pewter Dark Pewter on SteelApply by spray, immersion, or brush Patina Oxidizer Darkens most metalsMay be burnishedCan be burnished For copper, brass, bronze andourto create highlightsto lighten intensemetallic coatingsdarkness beforeDarkens metal to a sealing Salt-water based solution will oxidizehigher degree than on copper and copper alloysLight PewterFinished parts may be quick dried andProduces a widevariety of blue,Works withCopper Plate sealed or allowed to oxidize. Oxidationgreen, turquoise, purple and otherCopper Plate to createOver Dark Pewter on SteelCATALOGwill alter the colors and textures colors antique burnished finish on steelITEM#SIZE ITEM#SIZE ITEM#SIZEMCPR521 Quart MCPR411 Quart MCPR501 QuartMCPR521G1 Gallon MCPR411G1 Gallon MCPR501G1 GallonAuburn Insta-RustApply Insta-Rust for aModern Industrial Look Brass Coatingon plasticBrass Coating with patinaBrass Coating Rainbow TorchProvides a rust finish onAuthentic torched metal colors with-steel and steel alloys in hours Contains real brass flakes out using the torch!Both a copper plating solution asWorks with Patina Oxidizer Used in conjunction with Copper Plate well as a rusting agent Unsealed, this finish will tarnish oror Insta-Rust to create a rainbow of Develops into deep, brown rust,patina like brass colors on steel and steel alloyswhile retaining a hint of copper No special equipment or skills to applyITEM#SIZE ITEM#SIZE ITEM#SIZEMCPR461 Quart MCPR471 Quart MCPR431 QuartMCPR461G1 Gallon MCPR471G1 Gallon MCPR431G1 Gallon262 www.sss-steel.com'