b'CPAPGS,E L HEVEAELDEERRS & GREATER CLIPSASquare Post Caps Flat-Top Post Caps PlasticCap Dimensions Run True to Size DecorativeBall CapFits 1/2squareProvides protectionfrom sharp edges.ITEM #TUBE SIZEBALL SIZEPPPB121/2"1" Dia.Nickel-Plated Metal Spring CapsFits 16 or 18 gauge tubingAvailable in Pressed SteelYour Choice ofPressed Steel, ITEM #TUBE SIZETUBE GAUGENo welding necessary - cap fits tight. SC34P3/4" tube16 or 18 gaugeAluminum or GalvanizedITEM#POST SIZEMATERIALSC112FT1-1/2"Pressed Steel Non-SkidNo welding necessary - cap fits tight. SC2FT2"Pressed Steel LevelerITEM#POST SIZEMATERIAL SC212FT 2-1/2"Pressed SteelSC114 1-1/4" Pressed Steel SC3FT 3"Pressed Steel 1" threaded stemCATALOGSC112 1-1/2"Pressed Steel SC4FT4"Pressed Steel lengthSC2 2"Pressed Steel SC5FT5"Pressed Steel ITEM #THREAD SIZEBASE SIZESC212 2-1/2"Pressed Steel SC6FT6"Pressed Steel PP7B141/4"-201-1/8" Dia.SC3 3"Pressed Steel SC8FT8"Pressed Steel PP7B383/8"-161-1/8" Dia.SC4 4"Pressed SteelSC55"Pressed Steel Cast Iron SquareTwo-Sided MetalSC66"Pressed SteelSC88"Pressed Steel Newel Post Caps ThreadedSC114A 1-1/4"Aluminum Greater SC112A 1-1/2"Aluminum ClipSC2A 2"AluminumSC3A3"AluminumSC4A4"Aluminum Fits 16 or 18 ga tubingSC2GAL2Galvanized 1/4"-20 threaded hole for levelerSC212GAL2-1/2"Galvanized ITEM #TUBE SIZETUBE GAUGESC3GAL3"Galvanized PP711" tube 16 or 18 gaugeSC312GAL3-1/2GalvanizedSC4GAL4"Galvanized FITS PP7B14PlasticFour Sided Metal Square ITEM #POST SIZEMATERIAL ThreadedPost Cap CI8051"Cast Iron GreaterCI8041 1/4"Cast IronCI8061-1/2"Cast Iron ClipsAn economical alternative to cast iron CI8072"Cast IronITEM# POST SIZECOLOR CI82122-1/2"Cast Iron Fits 16 or 18 gauge tubingPS807B 2"Black Plastic CI8083"Cast Iron 3/8"-16 threaded hole for levelerPS807W2"White Plastic CI8094"Cast Iron ITEM #TUBE SIZETUBE GAUGEPS808B3"Black Plastic CI8105"Cast Iron PP71121-1/2" tube 16 or 18 gaugePS808W3"White Plastic CI8116"Cast Iron FITS PP7B3862 www.sss-steel.com'