b'STAINLESS STEEL RAILING SYSTEMStainless Steel Newel Postsand Anchor FlangesPre-Assembled Newel PostsAnchor flange attached, ready to installSatin finished with 240 grain1.66 diameter x 14 ga. approx wallA B C D thicknessAvailable in 304 stainless steel for interior use and 316 for outdoor or more corrosive environments. Fixed perpendicular bases are 3-15/16". Fixed lateral bases are 4-15/16".304 Stainless Steel ITEM #HEIGHT DESCRIPTIONA SFE004239-3/8" Fixed Perpendicular Concrete AnchorA SFE0040 47-1/4" Fixed Perpendicular Machined from aluminum B SFE0045047-1/4\'Fixed Lateral round bar CATALOGC SFE0045 47-1/4" *Fixed Lateral For creating newel posts*With Pivoting Handrail Support from 1.66 tubeFor attaching newel posts to316 Stainless Steel concrete surfaces. Must becemented into place.ITEM #HEIGHT DESCRIPTION A SFE004231639-3/8" Fixed Perpendicular ITEM #DIA.LENGTHStainless Steel PostSFE0131-1/2"8-21/32"TubesFor posts and handrailsSatin finished with 240 grain Base Plate 1.66 diameter x 14 ga. approx wall Flange CoversthicknessAvailable in 304 stainless steel for interior useFits over 1.66 tubeand 316 for outdoor or more corrosive19/32" high to cover baseplates andenvironments. fasteners. Satin finish with 240 grain. Hole is 1-11/16". Stainless steel.ITEM #LENGTHGRADED SFE001 9\'10"304 Stainless ITEM # DIAMETER FITS D SFE0016000 19\'8"304 Stainless SFE019 3-15/64" All Post Anchor D SFE4801 9\'10"316 Stainless SFE020 4-9/64" All Post Anchors D SFE48016000 19\'8"316 StainlessLateral MountingNewel Post Anchor Adjustable Newel PostPost AnchorsFixed perpendicular angle Anchor304 stainless 180 adjustable angle Fixed parallel angleComes with hexagonal Made from 316 stainless steel 304 stainless steelsocket and set screwsFor installing posts on Complete with flange, with cone points inclines spacers and tube plateFor creating newel posts For creating newel postsFor creating newel posts from 1.66 tubefrom 1.66 tube from 1.66 tube Features include brushed finish pre-drilled Features include countersunk holes and Features include countersunk holes of the mounting holes and chamfered perimeter of chamfered permitter of the base plate. base plate and a satin finish. the base plate.ITEM #BASE PLATE HOLES ITEM #BASE PLATE HOLES ITEM #BASE PLATE HOLESSFE0213 3-15/16" x 15/64" 4 x 7/16" SFE4483 3-17/64 x 15/643 x 7/16 SFE111 4-15/16 x 5/162 x 7/16www.sss-steel.com 181'