b"SWPIANGGE G HAETAED AEURTOMATION SYSTEMWhat's Included in the BoxLA400 DC Linear 24VITEM ITEM NUMBERResidential Swing Gate Operator Arm GTELA400DCPhoto Eye GTELMRRUSingle Arm Package Radio Receiver Built in BoardSWING GATE UP TO 16 FT / 550 LBS Control Box GTELA400CONTDC 2.0 Technology Batteries (2) GTEBT12RESIDENTIAL USEPOST MOUNT Transformer GTA8807PHOTO EYE INCLUDEDAC POWER13 W16 H Optional AccessoriesITEM ITEM NUMBERSecondary Arm GTELA400DCS40Loop Detector GTANP2ESLKeypad GTX877MAX Soft start/stop operation Exit Probe GTACP4 CATALOGInherent & externalobstruction sensing Remote GTX811Timer-to-closeITEM #DESCRIPTON Smartphone Access GX828LMKeyed manual disconnect GTELA400PKGDC Single Arm Package LA412 Solar Powered 12VWhat's Included in the BoxResidential Swing Gate Operator ITEM ITEM NUMBERSingle Arm Package Arm GTELA412DCPhoto Eye GTELMRRUSWING GATE UP TO 16 FT / 550 LBS Radio Receiver Built in BoardRESIDENTIAL USE DC motor - slow start/stop operation Control Box GTELA412CONTDCPOST MOUNT Inherent & external obstruction sensingPHOTO EYE INCLUDED Keyed manual disconnectBatteries (2) GTEBT12SOLAR POWER Timer-to-close Solar Panel GTS210Optional AccessoriesITEM ITEM NUMBERSecondary Arm GTELA412DCS40Loop Detector GTANP2ESLKeypad GTX877MAX 2.0 Technology Exit Probe GTACP4 Remote GTX811ITEM # DESCRIPTON Smartphone Access GX828LMGTELA412PKGDCSingle Arm Package**includes 10 Watt Solar Panel322 www.sss-steel.com"