b'GATE CLOSERSVerticlose - 2 Gate Closer2 Models Available - Gate or WallFor Gates Up to 330 LBS and 5 ft WideMicro adjustment of speed & final snapPerfect for outdoor use - Protected in powder-coated aluminum housingIntegrated pretension for smooth installationClosing force over the full 180 opening angleFirmly fixed thanks to patented Quick-Fix systemWALL MOUNTRailset Included for Both 90 O CATALOGand 180 OITEM #DESCRIPTION The specially designed arm turns around the LKV2Silver Mounts to Gate wall or post, ensuring a large opening angleLKV2WALLSilverMounts to WallTB200 Light-Duty Hydraulic Gate Closer Samson-2 Hydraulic Max Gate Weight 50-125lbs.Vinyl, Steel or Wood Gate Material Gate CloserMax Gate Width 36-52 in. Opening Pressure: Approx. 3-7 lbs.Max Opening Angle: 110 degrees NOW ALSO AVAILABLECloses Gates UpIN STAINLESS FINISH to 300 LBS and 6.56 Ft Wide ITEM # DESCRIPTION FINISHHALTB200 Light-Duty Door Closer BLACKHALTB200SS Light-Duty Door CloserSTAINLESSTB400 Medium-Duty Hydraulic Gate CloserMax Gate Weight 75-175 lbs. Max Gate Width 40-64 in. Automatic gate closer Opening angle up to 150 Max Opening Angle: 110 degrees Does not slam gates shut depending on situationOpening pressure appx.: 6-12 lbs. NOW ALSO AVAILABLEAdjustable closing speed Gate material: vinyl, steel, wood IN STAINLESS FINISH and closing pressureContinuously adjustable final snap for a perfect closingFor left & right turning gatesITEM #DESCRIPTION FINISHHALTB400Medium-Duty Door Closer BLACK ITEM # DESCRIPTIONHALTB400SSMedium-Duty Door Closer STAINLESS HASAM1 Hydraulic Gate Closerwww.sss-steel.com 17'