b"SLPIDAEG EG AHTEEA ADUERTO MATION SYSTEMSWhat's Included in the BoxITEM ITEM NUMBERRSL12VDC Residential / Light CommercialPhoto Eye GTELMRRUSlide Gate Operator with Battery Backup Radio Receiver Built in BoardPackage Control Board GTEDCBDU Batteries (1) GTEBT12SLIDE GATE UP TO 25 FT / 800 LBS Transformer GTA8807RESIDENTIAL / LIGHT COMMERCIAL USE 2.0 TechnologySafety Edge GTEL506ALPAD MOUNT 25Chain GTA41CPHOTO EYE INCLUDEDSAFETY EDGE INCLUDEDBATTERY BACKUP INCLUDED Optional AccessoriesAC POWER*ITEM ITEM NUMBER(*option to be solar powered)External manual disconnect Loop Detector GTANP2ESLSurge/spike protection 3-year warranty Keypad GTXWKP5Inherent / extern obstruction sensing Exit Probe GTACP4 Electronic brake Remote GTX811CATALOGUV stabilized coverTimer-to-close: 0-180 seconds Smartphone Access GX828LMITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTERSL12UL12 Volt Residential OperatorWhat's Included in the BoxCSL24VDC Commercial DC Gate Operator ITEM ITEM NUMBERPhoto Eye GTELMRRUPackage 2.0 Technology Radio Receiver Built in BoardControl Board GTEDCBDU SLIDE GATE UP TO 50 FT / 1500 LBS Batteries (2) GTEBT12COMMERCIAL USE Safety Edge GTEL506ALPAD MOUNTPHOTO EYE INCLUDED 25Chain GTA41CSAFETY EDGE INCLUDEDBATTERY BACKUP INCLUDEDAC POWER*Optional Accessories(*option to be solar powered)ITEM ITEM NUMBERExternal manual disconnect Loop Detector GTELOOPDETLMSurge/spike protection 3-year warrantyInherent / extern obstruction sensing Keypad GTXWKP250Electronic brake Exit Probe GTACP4 UV stabilized cover Remote GTX811Timer-to-close: 0-180 seconds Smartphone Access GX828LMITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTECSL24UL24 VDC Commercial Operator326 www.sss-steel.com"