b'ENGINE-DRIVEN WELDERSTrailblazer 325 Engine-DrivenMultiprocess Welder/GeneratorStick (SMAW) Fuel gauge, hour meter, engine RPMKohler 23.5 HP at 3,600 RPM gasoline 14 pin receptacleAuto speed technology adjustsStick weld 10 - 325 AMPSengine speed Fully enclosed case12,000 watt generator single phase 460 lbsUp to 19.5 hrs typical run timeFront panel maintenance displayEngine Is Rotated Toward Front To Create More Efficient Airflow, Which Contributes To Reduced Sound Level And Size Reduction CATALOGNow Also Available in ITEM# ENGINE TYPE MILLER # a Kutbota Diesel-Driven Model MITRAILBLAZERGas907753 MI907755Diesel 907755Bobcat 225 Bobcat 250Bobcat 260 Engine-Driven Engine-Driven Engine-DrivenMultiprocess MultiprocessMultiprocess Welder/Generator Welder/Generator Welder/GeneratorNOW WITH REMOTE NOW WITH REMOTERemote Start/StopEasily turn your Bobcat Take control and turnmachine on and off your machine on/offremotely.remotely. Get moreGet more out ofout of each tank,each tank, extend timeextend timebetween maintenancebetween and work minusmaintenance and the hassle ofwork withoutwalking back to the hassle ofAC/DC stick your machine. walking back Kohler 23.5 HP at 3,600 RPMAC/DC stickAC/DC stickto the machine. gasoline Kohler 23.5 HP at 3,600 RPM gasolineKohler 23.5 HP at 3,600 RPM gasoline 13 HR typical runtime Long Runtimes - 12-gallon fuel tank13 HR typical runtime 11,000 watt generator single12,000 watt generator single phase11,000 watt generator single phase phase Frontpanel maintenance displayFront panel maintenance display Frontpanel maintenance display Ten-degree skewed-rotor design AC welds 70 - 150 AMPS AC weld 40-250 AMPS optimizes performance for smooth powerFully enclosed case Fully enclosed case AC weld 40-260 AMPS485 lbs 501 lbs Fully enclosed case/501 lbsITEM#MILLER # ITEM# MILLER # ITEM# MILLER #MI225RS 907 791-001 MIBOBCATNT907 500-001 MI260 907 792-001www.sss-steel.com 269'