b"PAPINATG BE RHUESAHDEESR AND SUPPLIESBlue Painter's Grade Masking TapeDesigned for theTouch-Up professional The Wrought IronFull crepeChip Brushes insuresPainter conformabilityEconomy/single use on curvedPaints two sides of a surface at Can be used with all paints and irregularone time Wood handle surfaces.Paints wrought iron, security bars,Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 widths ITEM#STYLEpipe fence, cable, wood turnings, etc MCP4551152 in. x 60 yd. Its faster, neater, and easier than aITEM#DESCRIPTIONbrush or mittMCPSPB11 Chip BrushMCPSPB22 Chip Brush Paint & Pesticide ITEM#DESCRIPTION MCPSPB33 Chip Brush Respirator MCPWP32Painter MCPSPB44 Chip BrushMCPWP32R2-Roll RefillFoam Paint Mitt Pipe PainterSpecially designed to paint small Great for touch-up Includes Pair of CATALOGdiameter pipe quickly and easily. work Respirator CartridgesReplacement ITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM#DESCRIPTION Cartridges Sold MCPWP39Foam Pipe Painter MCPSP1PMPaint Mitt Separately Flexible face piece material provides excellent face-to- Disposable Dust respirator sealand ParticleHeadband swivels on hinges for Mask improved comfort and fitComplete withRespirator & long-life pre-filters are certified by NIOSH as an R95/elastic strapFoam Trim Sold individuallyOV respiratorITEM #DESCRIPTIONRoller or in 50 pc boxes WS152241Standard Size Half Mask3 roller width Helps protect WS152245 Replacement Cartridge(Pair)against non-toxic dusts and Great for small touch-up projects. spray paintsITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM#MCPWP5WS1501Foam Trim RollerFoam PVC Air Brushes HoseMany usesGreat for touching Premium Welding up hard-to-get cornersAvailable in 1, 2, 3 and 50 ft. lengthRespirator4 widths Heavy duty reinforcement For arc welding, brazing and cutting ITEM#SIZE 0 to 130 F working temperature of most common metals.MCPWPB11 300 PSI maximum working pressure Sold in packs of 4. MCPWPB22MCPWPB33 ITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM#MCPWPB44 MCPCL3850WSRW150 ft. PVC Hose260 www.sss-steel.com"