b'MEPAASGUER HINEAGD TEOROLSStanley FatMaxHeavy-Duty Tape Rules AluminumReinforcedStraightwith BladeEdgesArmor CoatingEasy reading inch scale graduationsHeavy-duty aluminum straightMeasuring Tapes edge2" widthFeatures 11\' tape standout, 1-1/4" wide blade for easy readability Economy tape measure featuring Available in 4, 6 and 8 lengthHigh-impact ABS case with rubberlocking blade ITEM#STYLEover mold and top-forward bladeAcrylic coating to prevent rust and HT400448" Straight Edgelock. corrosion HT400672" Straight EdgeITEM#STYLE 25 & 30ft tapes are available with HT400896" Straight EdgeHT725rubber or chrome case, please specify 25\' Fat Max Tape when orderingHT730 30\' Fat Max TapeITEM#LENGTH - STYLEHT74040\' Fax Max TapeWSKT16Y 16 - Chrome Finish Pocket CaliperCATALOGHT125SRT25 - Chrome FinishHT25R 25 - Rubberized Grip Stainless steel slide caliperWSCKT130Y30 - Chrome Finish 3 capacityHT30R 30 - Rubberized Grip Decimal equivalentsGraduations: 32nds & mm100\' Closed CaseInside/outside readings in metric and Steel MeasuringinchesTape ITEM#DESCRIPTIONHT151545Pocket CaliperOpen ReelVernier CaliperFiberglass5" capacity in 16ths and 32nds with a vernier reading of 1/128th.Measuring Tape ITEM#STYLEHeavy-duty construction, high impactHT1516065" Vernier Caliperresistant ABS bodyNumbers and graduations printedin black 16" x 24" Steel Fiberglass tape will not rot, corrodeHigh impact resistant ABS body Framing Squareor distort Contoured rubber grip fits With inch/metric graduationsYellow case with two color tape, whitecomfortably in hand 24" x 2" body, 16" x 1-1/2" tongue, side of tape has inch markings, yellow Folding handle for quick retrieval of1/16" thickside has engineering scale tape Permanently stamped numbers and Comfortable rubber hand grip 3/8" wide carbon steel blade with1/8" graduations. Durable protective ITEM#DESCRIPTION protective acrylic coating epoxy finish to prevent rust.HT6820200 ft. Tape ITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM#HT6830300 ft. Tape HT6699 100 ft. Closed Case Tape WSFS252 www.sss-steel.com'