b'MISCELLANEOUS SHOP SUPPLIESUtility-Grade1000W Halogen High Velocity 30 Poly Tarp FloodPedestal FanHDPE woven center Light30 Micron LDPE lamination both sidesPE twine reinforced hem Powerful Airflow: 4100 (Low) Heat-sealed seams 4400 (Med) Grommets every 3\' and corners Two 500W4800 (High) CFM Waterproof, mildew-proof washable Halogen Bulbs ITEM#SIZEIncludedHT4529499 ft. x 12 ft. HT452943 10 ft. x 20 ft. 5 to 7 Ft. height Indoor/OutdooradjustmentFan head tilts up to 90Power Cord Heavy-duty thermally protected motor50 or 100 ft.OHSA compliantlength All metal constructionAdjustable lamp heads Black powder-coatedCATALOG16 gauge, 3 conductorFully padded tripod finishround orange cord 3-piece telescopic pole with9 Ft. power cordtwist/lock adjustmentITEM# DESCRIPTION Steel protective grills HT50EX50 ft. Power Cord ITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTION HT100EC100 ft. Power Cord HT1005Halogen Flood Light HT9300030" Pedestal Fan Outdoor 25 ft PowerDurable PolyethyleneCautionCord Barricade Barrier 12 gauge Fence TapeUL listedWeather resistant 4 Ft. x 100 Ft.300 volt with lighted ends RollMeets OSHA requirements forBright yellow plastic tapeoutdoor use UV inhibited and resistant to3 widetemperature changes 300 ft. rollITEM# DESCRIPTION ITEM# DESCRIPTION ITEM#DESCRIPTION HTX25EC25 ft. Power Cord MCMC200 100 ft. Roll HTMC1L 3 x 300 ft. Roll Beverage Gatorade Wiping Cooler Thirst RagsQuencher Great forMix shop useConvenient ready-to-mix packets for 1 gallon yields in a variety of flavors Made from 15 in. x 10 in. white cotton ITEM#DESCRIPTION T-shirt material MC6060278.5 oz. Fruit Punch Box of 40 ragsITEM#DESCRIPTION MC6060288.5 oz. Lemon Lime ITEM#DESCRIPTION MC751154 5 Gallon Cooler MC606029 8.5 oz. Orange HT4240DCW Box of 40 Ragswww.sss-steel.com 229'