b'WELDABLE GATE HINGESThe Smarter ChoicePremium Quality at the Right PriceMedium Adjustable Hinge Sold in Pairs Heavy Duty Roller Bearing HingeUp to 2000 lb. Gate Capacity4" of Gate Adjustability Per Pair3-3/84-1/4Up to 500 lb. Gate Capacity Per Pair 2 CATALOGMachined from cold finished steel bar 4-1/4Ball bearing forsmooth operationSealed roller bearings 5/8 J-Rod provides 4of gate adjustabilityare maintenance free, no lubrication required Sold in 4-1/4 H x 2 W Pairs2-1/4 barrel diameter4-1/4 gate clearanceITEM #DESCRIPTION 10-1/2 lbs. per pair (hinge weight)BHMADJMedium Adjustable Hinge ITEM #DESCRIPTIONBHG9Heavy DutyLarge Adjustable Hinge Sold in Pairs7" of Gate AdjustabilityMachined cold finished steel barBall bearing for smooth operation7/8 diameter alloy threaded rod provides up to 7 of gate Up to 900 lb. Gate Capacity Per PairadjustabilityITEM # BHLADJ Large Adjustable Hinge www.sss-steel.com 5'