b'EXPANDED GATES Extensive SelectionDouble to Fit Your Needs Expanding Choose From Security GatesStock Sizes or Designed for larger Custom-Made openings, overhead doors, dock doors, store fronts, commercial and industrial useEach side of gate will pivot 180Gates drop an inch per foot upon expansionBlack enamel paintAll gates are shipped complete with:ITEM #WIDTHCOLLAPSEDIN USE -2 mounting bracketsHEIGHTHEIGHT -2 washersEG1065D8\' to 10\'6-1/2\'6\' -2 castersEG1070D8\' to 10\'7\'6-1/2\' CATALOGControl Access without-Drop-pinEG1075D8\' to 10\'7-1/2\'7\'Loss of Visibility -H-bracket EG1085D8\' to 10\'8-1/2\'8\'EG1265D10\' to 12\'6-1/2\'6\'EG1275D10\' to 12\'7-1/2\'7\'Available inEG1465D12\' to 14\'6-1/2\'6\'Single|Double|Custom EG1670D14\' to 16\'7\'6-1/2\'Expanding Security Door GatesDesigned to provide security for door openings of 32" and 36"Made of a sturdy 3/4" channel Painted withSingle Expanding black enamel Security GatesGates will pivot 180 out of the way when open For standard openings, patio doors, garages, industrial & commercial useGates will pivot 180 when not in useDrop pin in the center for extra stability in wider openingsITEM #WIDTH COLLAPSED IN USEITEM #WIDTHCOLLAPSEDIN USE HEIGHTHEIGHTHEIGHTHEIGHT EG465S3\' to 4\'6-1/2\'6\' EG36D32" to 36" 79"75" EG770S6\' to 7\'7\'6-1/2\' www.sss-steel.com 59'