b'ABRASIVE WHEELS AND DISCS3" Aluminium Premium Flap DiscsPremiumOxide Roll-Flap Discs On Disc Type 29 with quickchange 5/8"-11 metal hubPremium Zirconia Alumina gritITEM#GRITPACG59543 120PACG59537 36ITEM#SIZEGRITRPMPA412FD404-1/2" x 5/8"-114013,300PACG59540 60 PA412FD604-1/2" x 5/8"-116013,3003" SurfaceType 29 EZ StripConditioning Standard 5/8 HubRoll-On Premium Zirconia Alumina grit Wheel for aggressive removalDisc Fast grain removal for carbon-basedsteels and stainless steelITEM#SIZEGRITRPM CATALOGPAWS4AFD404" 4015,300 Non-woven wheels for cleaning welds PAWS4AFD604" 6015,300 and fast removal of rust, scaling, ITEM#GRIT PAWS412AFD404-1/2"4013,300 oxidation, paints, sealants and other PACG59506 Coarse clogging material. Type 27PACG59507 Medium PAWS412AFD604-1/2"6013,300PACG59508S Ultra Fine PAWS7AFD407"408,600 ITEM#SIZERPMPACG59509 Very Fine PAWS7AFD607"608,600 PA592044-1/2" X 7/8"11,0003" Rubber Sanding Sponges Sanding BlocksHolder Pad Silicon Carbide, Brown Aluminium Closed Coat Oxide, Closed CoatSilicon carbide oraluminium oxide grainwith a foam backing to provideconformability for hand finishingITEM# SIZEGRIT ITEM# SIZEGRITITEM#DESCRIPTION PACG448223-7/8 X 4-3/4 X 1/2"150 PACG448252-3/4 x 4 x 1"100PACG59734 Roll-On external thread PACG448243-7/8 X 4-3/4 X 1/2"220 PACG448262-3/4 x 4 x 1"180Sanding Disc Resin Fiber DiscsBack Up ITEM#SIZEGRITRPMPads PAWS4SD244 x 5/82415,300PAWS4SD364 x 5/83615,300Comes complete PAWS4SD604 x 5/86015,300with lock nut. PAWS412SD244-1/2 x 7/82413,300High quality flexiblePAWS412SD364-1/2 x 7/83613,300rubber. Fits 5/8"-11 spindle. PAWS412SD604-1/2 x 7/86013,300ITEM#SIZE Aluminium Oxide grit for long PAWS7SD247 x 7/8248,600PAWS412PAD4-1/2" life and cool cutting PAWS7SD367 x 7/8368,600PAWS7PAD7" Backup pads not included. PAWS7SD607 x 7/8608,600www.sss-steel.com 245'