b'UP-EADGGEI NHGEADERU-Edging Versatile U-Edging Provides a Finished Look as Well as a Protective Barrier from Sharp Edges18 ga Cold Rolled Steel 12 FT Length1 O.D. LegsWeld On AVAILABLE INFIVESIZESMCTR300 MCTR400Easily attaches toSeals the edges of1/16 I.D.WEB perforated sheets or1/8 I.D.WEB any #9 flat expandedsmooth, flat sheetsmetal. (16ga - 24ga) as well asThe U-Edging piece all #16 flat expandedwill also frame the cut metal for a finished,ends of our 10ga wire Find a Largeattractive look. mesh panels.CATALOGSelection ofPainted U-edging formsanWire Meshattractive border for these Panels &wire mesh panelsPerforatedU-Edging is Versatile Accessory MetalMCTR500 that Works Well for These ScreeningApplications & Numerous on1/4 I.D.WEB Trims out our Others: FRZ series of 10gaExpanded & Perforated Pageswire mesh panelsMetal Enclosurethat can be used 298-299 for numerous Frame Wire Meshingapplications. Handrail Filler PanelsWire ScreeningShelving EdgeProvides a polished,MCTR600 MCTR700 defined look byframing the wire3/8 I.D.WEB Forms an edge for1/2 I.D.WEB Create a bordermesh #6 ga wire panelsfor panelspanelsas well asconsisting of #9 standardtwo #4 ga wires expanded metal.or #6 standard expanded metal.74 www.sss-steel.com'