b'EXIT DEVICESPush Bar Exit Stanley Commercial Heavy Duty Exit Device Strike DeviceNon-handed, for left or rightLatchboltstainless steel 3/4Door Thickness1-3/4" std. Rim cylinder is not included36" door size, field sizeable to 32" door ITEM #DESCRIPTIONStile Width - 4-1/4" Minimum GTMF18RBALHeavy Duty PushbarHeavy duty, architectural GTA1301Door Pull/Rim Cylinder Housinggrade and exceed ANSI Gr. 1 GTA4032Rim Cylinder with KeysStanley Commercial Standard Duty PushbarUse with surface mounted rim exit Non-handed, for left or right Stile width - 3-7/8" (98mm)devices; up to 1" throw Field sizeable: 36 device to 32" Rim cylinder is not includedAutomatic voltage sensing Door Thickness1-3/4 standard CATALOG11 to 28 volts DCSatin stainless steel finish Latchbolt - 1/2 throw top; 3/8 bottomFail secure/fail safe: field reversible ITEM #DESCRIPTIONHolding Force: 3,000+ lbs GTM19RBAStandard Duty PushbarITEM #DESCRIPTION GTA1955Door Pull/Rim Cylinder HousingER4800Push Bar Exit Strike GTA4032Rim Cylinder with KeysExit ControlAluminum PushbarHardwareAnodised black, aluminium pushbar with stainless steel mechanism Ideal with Pressing the pushbar operates the deadbolt the Easy to install on the gate withFree ExitQuick-FixDelivered with blindedLock ECL-230D5/16follower Found on Series Pushbar length is standard (3.773 ft)Page 35and may be Non-handed, for left or right doors shortenedPowered by one 9 volt battery Dummy cylinder When armed, pressing exit bar retractsrecommendeddeadbolt & sounds alarm to allow exitRugged housing with key lock and saw-resistant bolCorrosion resistantRim cylinders - cylinders NOTMaximum Width: 4.429 FTincludedITEM # DESCRIPTIONGTDECL230DPH Exit Device ITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTA4032Rim Cylinder with Key LKPB1 Push-to-Exit Barwww.sss-steel.com 41'