b'DRILL BITSHeavy Duty RotaryPercussion - Black Oxide Straight Shank Coated High Hammer Speed Steel Drill Bits Jobber Length Chrome vanadium shaft through-hardened toDrill Bits 50-53HrC 18 Piece BlackAll tips made toFor general use in metal,ANSI specificationsOxide Drill Bit Setwood and plastic 1/16" - 1/2" withBlack oxide coating3/8" reduced shankresists corrosion ITEM #SIZELENGTH 135 split point prevents walking135 degree split pointPA3260051/44 Black oxide coating resists corrosion ensures a true start and eliminates bit walking PA3260061/46 ITEM #DESCRIPTIONINDIVIDUAL: Each Bit PA3260085/164-3/4 PA31401818 Pc Drill Bit SetCard Packed PA3260105/1612PA3260113/86 CATALOGITEM #SIZELENGTH PA3260123/812PA67508 (2 pack) 1/82-3/4 PA3260147/166PA675123/163-1/2 PA3260151/26PA675161/44 PA3260161/212PA675205/164-1/2 PA3260205/8* 12PA675243/85 *(1/2 Shank)PA678321/26PA8927409/166 SDS-PlusPA8927425/86PA89274411/166 StandardPA8927463/46 Tip DrillPA89274813/166PA8927507/86 BitsPA89275215/166 Chrome vanadium shaft PA89275416 through-hardened to 50-53HrC 20 Pc. Drill/DriverPA8927551-1/166 All tips made to SetPA8927561-1/86 ANSI specificationsPA8927571-3/166 With black oxide HSSPA8927581-1/46 ITEM #SIZELENGTH drills and screw-driver bitsPA3220137/326 1/16" (2), 3/32", 1/8" (2), 5/32", 3/16",Metal Drilling PA3220161/44 1/4" drills and 12 screw- andPA3220171/46 nutdriver bitsStep Drills PA3220191/410135 Split point tips prevents walkingPA3220225/166 ITEM #DESCRIPTIONSingle-fluted cutting edgePA3220235/1612 PA35702020 Pc. Drill/Driver Setassures true round holes PA3220243/86Ideal for drilling holes in thin PA3220263/812materials such as mild steel, copper,PA3220321/210brass, aluminum, plexiglass, and wood PA3220331/212PA3220425/88ITEM#DESCRIPTION PA3220435/812 Find Drills &PA102311/8 - 1/2 (1/16 steps) PA3220473/48 Hand Tools onPA102323/16 - 1/2 (1/32 steps) PA3220483/412PA488992051/4 - 1-3/8PA322054110 Pages 274-278www.sss-steel.com 249'