b'STAINLESS STEEL RAILING SYSTEMStainless Post and Wall Handrail SupportsPost Top HandrailPost Top Adjustable Height Post Support Handrail Support Top Handrail SupportFixed position - 90 Fixed position - 90 Adjustable heightFits 1.66 tube postsFits 1.66 tube posts Fixed position - 90Includes end cap for tube 303 stainless steel with satin finish Fits 1.66 tube posts303 stainless steel with satin finish Includes end cap for tube 303 stainless steelITEM # HEIGHT RISER DIA. ITEM # HEIGHT RISER DIA. with satin finishSFE01022-9/323/4 SFE031S12-61/641/2 Includes end cap for tubePost Top HandrailITEM # HEIGHT RISER DIA.Support Post Top SFE510424 Adjustable 1/2Adjustable - 180 pivot Handrail Support Adjustable Height Post Fits 1.66 tube posts Top Handrail Support303 stainless steel with satin finish Adjustable - 180 pivot Adjustable height & angleIncludes end cap for tube Fits 1.66 Adjustable - 180 pivottube postsITEM # HEIGHT RISER DIA. 303 stainless steel with satin finish Fits 1.66 tube posts CATALOGSFE01042-9/323/4 Includes end cap for tube 303 stainless steel withsatin finishITEM # HEIGHT RISER DIA. Includes end cap for tubeSFE030S2-61/641/2ITEM # HEIGHT RISER DIA.Adjustable WallSFE500424 Adjustable 1/2Mounted HandrailSupportAdjustable - 180 pivot304 stainless steel with satin finishThree piece set includes:FlangeWall Mounted ElbowHandrail Support Rail mounting plate90 fixed position ITEM #WALL OFFSETFLANGE ELBOWSFE02231 2-7/8"2-3/4"1/2"316 stainless steelwith satin finish SFE01822-63/64"Flange Cvr.Three piece set includesflange, elbow, and rail mounting plate.Handrail Mounting ITEM #WALL OFFSET FLANGEELBOW PlatesSFE02232-7/8" 2-3/4"1/2" Heavy Duty Wall5/32" thickSFE01822-63/64" Flange Cvr. 304 stainless steel Mounted HandrailWall Mounted With countersunk holes SupportHandrail Support ITEM # STYLEDESCRIPTION 90 fixed position For wooden handrail SFE01197StraightFor Round Handrail 304 stainless steel90 fixed position SFE011976Straight For Flat Bottom HR with satin finishSFE01197190 Bend For Round Handrail Four piece set includes flange, flange cover, 304 stain-less steel with satin finish elbow, and rail mounting plate.ITEM #WALL OFFSETFLANGEELBOW All brackets available in ITEM #WALL OFFSETFLANGEELBOWSFE45862-15/16" 2" 1" 316 Stainless Steel SFE022S3-1/42-1/2 3/4 www.sss-steel.com 183'