b'PAINT SPRAY EQUIPMENT & SPRAY PAINTSeymour Primers COLOR SeymourSeymour Fast dryingVOCSpray-GalvShiny GalvProvides maximum rusCompliantprotection and adhesion Weld-ThruFast-drying formula dries to a tough, permanent hard coatUse with lacquer, enamel andPrimer Electrochemical galvanicacrylic paintsDried paint film contains action keeps on protecting Excellent resistance to heat anda minimum of 90% zinc even if scratched.corrosion while being sandable Electrochemical galvanicShiny Galv may be repainted ITEM#COLOR action continues to protector left as is. It also doubles asSP203Gray Primer even if scratched. a weld-through primer.SP205Red Oxide Primer ITEM#SIZEDESCRIPTION ITEM#SIZEDESCRIPTIONSP9816 Black Primer SPWSSG16 oz.Spray-Galv Primer SP12GS16 oz.Shiny Galv2.3mm Gravity FeedAll Purpose SprayEconomyHVLP Spray Gun Enamel Paint &SprayBrass Fluid & Air Nozzle Primers Paint600cc Plastic Paint CupIncludes locking airQuick drying multi- regulator with gauge purpose spray enamel CATALOGAir Inlet: 1/4"Operating pressure: 15 - 45 P.S.I. Avg. Air consumption: 7.0 - 9.0 C.F.M. Bare or rusted surfaces ITEM# should be cleaned and MCP200 primed.2.0mm Gravity FeedSix 12 oz. cans per case.HVLP Spray Gun IncludesITEM#COLOR1000 ml aluminumlockingSP1115Gray Primerpressure paint cup regulatorSP1112Flat WhiteSpray pattern controlwith gauge High Heat BlackSP1124Gloss Blackknob on side Up to 1200 F SP1134Gloss YellowAir Inlet: 1/4"Operating pressure: 15 - 45 P.S.I. Avg. Air consumption: 7.0 - 9.0 C.F.M. Affordably priced SP114Gloss RedITEM# 12 oz. cans SP115Gloss GoldMCP100 Fast drying Stocked individually or SP1156Gloss Bluein 12-can boxes. SP118Gloss GreenEconomy Air Spray Gun ITEM#COLOR SP9839 Gloss Pink70-90 PSI SP100White - Gloss SP9848Gloss OrangeRecommended airSP101White - Flat SP9889Gloss Purplecompressor 1-1/2 HP SP110Black - Gloss SP161617Fluorescent OrangeAll purpose gun/cupSP117Black - Flat SP161618Fluorescent Redfor sprayingmostSP140Green SP161620Fluorescent Greentypes of latex, oil orSP120Metallic Silverwater based paints SP113Gray Blacksmith Brand TMITEM# SP121Metallic GoldMCPCL3030 SP9831Clear-Gloss Touch-UpSpray Can TriggerSP130Red Spray PaintSP1402Heat Resistant Chrome Alum.Handle SP1614High Heat Black Available in exact color Use with any spraySP151Yellow match for BlackSmith Blackpaint can 2-FingerSP160Blue Stocked individually or in Safety lockTrigger SP180Brown 12 can caseprevents accidental paint discharge SP203Gray PrimerITEM#DESCRIPTION SP205Red Oxide Primer ITEM#SIZECOLORHT241Grip Handle SP1654Stainless Steel SPSP210016 oz.Blackwww.sss-steel.com 261'