b'STPEAEGLE P HIPEEA DFLEARNGESHeavy Duty SteelWedge-Lock Flanges Welding Pipe Joint For round pipe Connectors1/8" material thickness For quickly aligning and welding Three or four hole styles 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" steel pipeITEM #MATERIALHOLEFITS# OF MTG. MTG. HOLEOVERALL No chamfering necessaryTHICKNESSDIA.PIPEHOLESDIAMETERDIAMETER Leaves a 1/8" gap between joints to SC131521/8"1.315"1"31/4"3-1/2" allow for weld bead. CATALOGSC114F1/8"1.66"1-1/4"35/16"3-3/4" ITEM #FITSTUBEWALLSC1144H1/8"1.66"1-1/4"45/16"3-3/4" PIPEODSC112F1/8"1.90"1-1/2"45/16"4-1/4" SCWL114 1-1/4 Sch. 401.66.140SC2375F1/8"2-3/8"2"33/8"4-5/8" SCWL112 1-1/2 Sch. 401.90.145FlangeDesigned to Work with Snap-On Base Cover Raised Cover Plate1/4" steel thicknessFour mounting holes 1/8" thick, for 1-1/4" pipeBuilt for snap on base covers below ITEM #HOLE DIA.FITS PIPEDIA.ITEM #HOLE DIA.FITS PIPE DIA. SC2501.66"1-1/4"3-7/8"SC166S1.66"1-1/4"4-5/16" Raised Square SC190S1.90"1-1/2"4-5/16" Steel FlangesFlange Cover FlangesSnaps Overfor 1/8" Thick7/16" mountingFlange Square holesTubing ITEM #FITSOVERALLDIMS.Snap-on cover18 gauge steel An attractive cover plate for squareWT80411" sq. Tube4" sq.tubing bases WT1351-1/4" sq. Tube4" sq.ITEM #HOLE DIA.FITS PIPE DIA. ITEM #TUBE SIZEWIDTH WT8047 1-1/2" sq. Tube4" sq.SC166C1.66"1-1/4"4-1/2" SC112FSQ1-1/2"3" WT1372" sq. Tube5-1/4" sq.SC190C1.90"1-1/2"4-1/2" SC2FSQ2"4" WT80492-1/2" Tube5" sq.66 www.sss-steel.com'