b'CLAMPING TOOLSQuick GripMagTab Weld TabVises PositionerHold small metal pieces, parallel or perpendicular to the substructureAdjustable, Magnetic V-Shape BaseThroat depth is 3-3/8 Integral pipe jaws CATALOGSwivel base for easy positioning Anvil for forming and shapingAdjusts for Different Work Piece ITEM #DESCRIPTION Shapes & Thicknesses HT226305Quick Grip Vise: Jaw Width: 5 Jaw Capacity: 4 ITEM#DIMENSIONSWEIGHT HT226306Quick Grip Vise: Jaw Width: 6 Jaw Capacity: 5 HTMFT104 x 3 x 1-1/40.5 lbs. 4-in-1 Utility 90 Aluminum AngleClampClamp 4-3/4 throat depthAdapts to a pipe 4 Throat Depth clamp, spreader 2-1/4 Jaw Length clamp, and step-over 1-3/8 Jaw Height clampCapacity Miter: 2-3/4 ITEM #CAPACITYCLAMPITEM#DESCRIPTION HTUF65C36-1/21000 lbs.HTWAC32490 Alum. Clamp HTUG125C312-1/21200 lbs.MagneticWelding Quick Grip HolderStrong magnet holdsC Clamps metal together atLarger swivel pads reducesvarious anglesmarring on work surface Helps increase welding precisionITEM #SIZE ITEM #SIZE ITEM#SIZEHT2251022 C-Clamp HT2251066 C-Clamp HT1MHLargeHT2251033 C-Clamp HT2251088 C-Clamp HT2MHMediumwww.sss-steel.com 251'