b'GLOVESGrain GoatskinPremiumDrivers Leather Drivers TIG GloveGloves Extra soft top-grainTop grain leather driversleather TIG glove with glove with keystone thumb. Kevlar stitching. Size regular or extra large.ITEM# ITEM#Premium grain goatskin WSTG WS3TLReinforced wing thumbGunn cut Plastic DotBrown Jersey Para-aramid liner //TPR// HI-VisHook + loop closure WorkCotton Glove ITEM#SIZE GlovesWS3004CWMMEDIUM Clute cut,WS3004CWL LARGEheavy weightWS3004CWXLX-LARGE Brown Jersey CATALOG Glove Clip glove withknit wrist.Breakaway featureCotton work glove with for safety black plastic dotsITEM# ITEM# ITEM#WSC120 WS5DG WS4JUltimate GripperLeatherDisposable Latex Work Gloves PigPalm WorkGlovesGrain with PVCGlovesReinforcementsProtective NeopreneLightly powderedknuckle guard main- Each glove features textured fingers tains contour fit that are ideal for gripping dirty Finger and palmLeather and canvas work glovesparts and toolsreinforce- with safety cuff50 gloves per boxments, double layered in wearITEM# ITEM#zones WS1G WS301551Pre-curved finger design reducesCut-Resistant Glovesfatigue and improves 13 gauge salt and pepper DSM Certified dexterity Dyneema shellReinforced paddedGray PU coated palm and fingertipsthumb saddle adds strength CPPT Cut Level 2 at stress pointITEM#SIZE ITEM#DESCRIPTIONWS912LLarge WS9672LSize LargeWS912XX-Large WS9672XLSize X-Largewww.sss-steel.com 241'