b'STPEAEGL EH HAENADDREARIL, FITTINGS & BRACKETSSteel TubularCast IronCast Iron Handrail Straight Beveled14 GaugeHeight: 4-3/8 Height: 3-1/4Width: 1-3/4 Width: 1-3/4Length: 2-5/8" Length: 3-1/2"ITEM# ITEM#Conforms to conventional 1-3/4 wideCI902CI901 molded cover rail combined w/ 1 channel Rail End Plug For Use with Molded 1 H x 1-3/4 W x 20 ft L ITEM# Cover Rail & Tubular MCRMTH1420HandrailCast IronVolute Height: 3-3/4Height: 2-1/2 Height: 1 Width: 2-1/2CATALOGWidth: 1-3/4 Width: 1-3/4Length: 3" Length: 2-1/8"ITEM# ITEM# ITEM#CI900CI7058CI654 Steel Bracket Steel Bracket Cast Iron BracketHeavy Duty Stamped from 1/8" steel 2-3/4 round base3/16" thick 4" overall height 3-3/4" overall2-3/4 round base 2-3/4 round baseheight4-1/2" overall 3/8 wall 3/8 wall heightmounting holemounting hole1/2 wall mounting hole ZINC Two 3/16" rail mounting holesTwo 3/16" railZINCmounting holesTwo 1/4" rail mounting holes 2-5/8 from wall to rail center3 from wall to rail center Use with round pipe handrail 2-3/8 from wall to rail centerUse with round or square handrail Use with flat or square handrailITEM # ITEM # ITEM #SC35B SC35BRP CI3AZINCRoundTubingMtl 1-5/16Mtl 6-5/16Mtl 3-5/32Mtl 3-5/323-3/4 x 3-1/4 For square tubingZINC ZINC ZINC ZINC5/16 - 1/2x 3-23/325/16 - 1/25/16 - 5/8Extends 3-1/2 from wall Extends 2-3/8 from wallITEM# ITEM# ITEM# ITEM# ITEM# ITEM#CI14051 CI94A1CI14052 CI14053CI3HRB CI900282 www.sss-steel.comZINC ZINC'