b'WELDABLE LOCK BOXESSteel Extra ThinSteel StandardSteel Extra Wide Double Style Double Style Double Style16 gauge 14 gaugeTwo 2-1/8Holes 14 gauge Two 2-1/8 Holes7-1/2 Hx4-3/8 WTwo 2 1/8 Holes 6-3/4 H1Depth/ 2-3/8 Backset 6-3/4 Hx4-1/4W 4-1/4WDesign fits flush on 1 frame 1-5/16Depth 1-1/2DepthCrimped slam guard 2-3/8 backset 2-3/8 backset20 pieces per box 20 pieces per box 20 pieces per boxITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTIONLB218DTExtra Thin Double Lockbox LB218DStandard Double Lockbox LB218DXWExtra Wide Double LockboxSteel Extra ThinSteel StandardSteel Extra Wide Single Style Single Style Single Style14 gauge14 gauge 14 gauge2-1/8 Hole 2-1/8 Hole Single 2-1/84-1/4 H x 4-1/2 W 4-1/4 HHole1Depth 3-1/2W 4-1/4 H CATALOGDesign fits flush1-5/16 Depth 3-1/2 W on 1 frame 2-3/8 backset 1-1/2Depth2-3/8 backset 40 pieces perbox 2-3/8 backset40 pieces per box 40 pcs per boxITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTIONLB218TExtra Thin Single Lockbox LB218Standard Single Lockbox LB218XWExtra Wide Single LockboxSteel 2-3/4" BacksetMortise Lock Box Lockbox for Single Style SlimLine Locks16 gauge 14 gauge2-1/8" hole Height 7-1/4 H x 4W3-5/16" H 1 Depth 4-5/16" W Available in rightwith 1 gateor left hand operationstop extension1-1/2 Depth 14 gauge2-3/4" backset 84 height, can 40 pcs per box ITEM # DESCRIPTION be trimmed to ITEM #DESCRIPTION LB9200L Left Handed Mortise Lockbox 79-1/4"LB218234Commercial Single Lockbox LB9200R Right Handed Mortise Lockbox Pre-punched Aluminum SingleAluminum Double2" x 1" tubeFits Slim-Line Style Style Mortise Lockset 16 gauge Item# MCLH12316 gauge2-1/8 hole 2-1/8 hole4-1/4W 4-1/4W 4-1/4H 6-3/4 H1-1/2Depth 1-1/2 Depth2-3/8 backset 2-3/8 backsetITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #LBAC218TAlum. Single Style LBAC218DTAlum. Double Style LB123www.sss-steel.com 27'