b'COVER PLATES Actual dimensions may vary slightly due to variations in manufacturer\'s production.Simshoe Plastic Simshoe Plastic Round SimshoeSplit Cover Shoe Split Knuckle Plastic HalvesNow Available in Two Sizes1-1/2 H Cover a 3 round base plateTight fit (small amount of ABS glue is recommended for permanentCATALOGinstallation)Durable black ABS plastic with satin Simshoe Measures 2 Tall black finish or can be paintedITEM#ROUND HOLE SIZEFITS OVERPS001661-5/8 O.D. Pipe 3 OD RoundPS001901-7/8 O.D. Pipe 3 OD RoundPS001121-1/2 O.D. Tube3 OD RoundSteel Cover ShoeFor 1/2" pickets or 5/8 picketsSatin black finish or can be paintedNo need to add to pickets before set in place; add knuckles/collars anytimeAdd small amount of glue & snap sides together for permanent installation Available in 5 sizes ITEM#PICKET SIZE WIDTHHEIGHT For round posts and pickets Satin black finish or can be painted PS6585/8"1-3/4"1-3/4" ITEM#HOLE SIZEOA DIADurable ABS plastic PS6121/21-3/81-3/8 CI114RS1-1/4" 2-3/8"No need to add to pickets before set in place; Add knuckles/collars anytime Cast Iron Shoe CoversAdd small amount of glue & snap sides Fits over baseplates for a finished looktogether for permanent installation NOTE: For 1" Square TubingActual Outside Size of 3 x 3 is 3.5Fits over 3" baseplateActual Outside Size of 4 x 4 is 4.5 ITEM #HEIGHT WIDTH ITEM# PICKET FITS OVER CI23411-7/8"3-3/8" sq.PS0031 1 sq.3" x 3" For 1-1/2" Square Tubing For 2" Square TubingPS003114 1-1/4 sq.3" x 3"Fits over 3" baseplateFits over 4" baseplatePS003112 1-1/2 sq.3" x 3"ITEM # HEIGHTWIDTH PS004112 1-1/2 sq.4" x 4" ITEM #HEIGHTWIDTHPS0042 2 sq.4" x 4" CI234112 2"3-5/8" sq. CI2342 24-5/8" sq.www.sss-steel.com 99'