b'MEPTAAGLE B HUEIALDDIENRG PANELSPolycarbonate and FiberGlass SkylightsPolycarbonate SkylightsProvides a high resistance to the harmful effects of weatherOffers UV protection Good impact resistance against hail damage. ITEM #COLORPANEL TYPECASPCW144WhitePBR-PanelCASPCL144ClearPBR-PanelCA/SPSW144Soft WhitePBR-PanelCA/SPCWU144WhitePBU-PanelCA/SPCLU144ClearPBU-PanelCA/SPSWU144Soft WhitePBU-PanelFiberglass SkylightsFiberglass standard panels are produced with general purpose resin and contain UV stabilizers to protect the panels from the harmful rays of the sun, providing years of dependable service for the metal building industry. This panelPolycarbonate & Fiberglassin 12 Length x 381/4Widthformulation provides the foundation for our other panels that are specially designedto provide enhanced performance to(36 Coverage)meet your specific needs.CATALOGITEM #COLORPANEL TYPE POLYCARBONATE Skylight DisclaimerCASW144WhitePBR-Panel The manufacturer recommends pre-drilling oversized holes in panels and CASU144WhitePBU-Panel using special fasteners with oversized washers to allow for expansion and contraction of Polycarbonate material. See Fasteners section for these items.Vinyl ReinforcedTouch UpInsulation Paint PenWHITE3 thick * 6 wide 102 long rollR-10 Value Available in all panelFiberglass and trim colors except Burgundy, Silver Metallic, and Copper Penny.ITEM #COLOR ITEM #COLORCAMZ36102White Color CAPPPaint PenReinforced VinylDouble-Sided Tape Tape SealPatch Tape1/2X3/3250 roll1 x 1/850 rollInstalled at lap joint of 1 1/2x180 roll R and U panels when 3x150 roll Used to hold installed on roof toUsed to patch tears insulation in placeprevent leaksand side caps during installation. ITEM # ITEM #ITEM #CAMT12350 CAMZ3150CAMZ1180CAMT11850282 www.sss-steel.com'