b'STPAAINGLEE HSESA SDTEREL RAILING SYSTEM303/304 STAINLESS STEEL- For Interior Use | 316 STAINLESS STEEL- For Exterior UseStainless Steel Cable and AccessoriesStainless SteelFinial Hex Head Nut Lag Screw & M6 Male Outdoor Rated Wire Rope 5/8 5/32 Dowel Screw 316 StainlessWire Rope 1 X 19 3 Total Length304 StainlessUsed to end the cable run at post 2 Screw 1 ThreadAvailable in Two DiametersITEM #DESCRIPTIONTHREAD ITEM # DESCRIPTION SFED06Right6mm M 1/4 SFETW05DX Right Hand Thread19 Strands 316 Stainless SFETW05SX Left Hand ThreadSFED06SX Left 6mm M 1/4Rigid 2-3/32Used for Long,Lag Bracket - ThreadedActual Size Straight Runs 316 Stainless5/32 Hex Key Head Screw 13/16Right hand threaded 316 StainlessUsed to end the cable run at post - Actual Size rounded head 6M13/64 ITEM # DESCRIPTIONLENGTHTHREAD 2SFED07 Right26mmCATALOGSFED07SX Left 2 6mm 3-5/16 Total LengthITEM #DIAROPE 1/8SFEF1X19044 MM5/32 Sloping Washer ITEM # DESCRIPTION Outdoor Rated SFEF1X19055 MM 13/64 For threaded terminals SFEMMF06DX Right Hand ThreadWire Rope 7 X 7 30 slope SFEMMF06SXLeft Hand Thread304 stainless steel Lag Bracket - CrimpITEM #FOR TUBEHOLE316 StainlessAvailable in Two Diameters SFEB0611.66 17/6413/16316 Stainless SFEB0711.66 11/32 Cable - 13/64 or 5/32Wire1-11/321-3/16SleeveInternal Thread7/8 diaFitting 2-1/2 Total Length303 Stainless 7/32 hole dia 1/8ITEM #ROPETUBE ITEM #LENGTHROPE DIA.Actual Size SFESF051 Round Post13/64 1-2/3 SFEMM052-1/2 13/645/32 Flexible SFESF083Square Post13/641-2/3 SFEMM042-1/25/32Perfect for TurnbuckleCouplingTerminal Sleeve Actual Size Corners & Nut 2-1/2 316 Stainless Fitting13/64 Angles 303 Stainless Round Post 1-2/3 TubeRope 5/32 - 13/647 strands of stainless steel wire wrapped toInternally threaded - left hand threads1-2/3 diameterform 7 stainless steel bundles on one side, right hand thread on7/8 external dia.ITEM # DIA ROPE other ITEM #DESCRIPTION Used to join cable runsSFEF7X7044 MM 5/32 ITEM #LENGTH DIA. THREAD SFEST041DX Right SFEF7X7055 MM13/64 SFET062-1/2 3/8 6mm SFEST041SXLeft186 www.sss-steel.com'