b' ILAN Designmaster is Miami-Dade County certified, the highest certification for any Welded Steel Wire FencingPA G E H E A D E R MSystem, High Velocity, Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). Miami-Dade certication is recognized worldwide as the standard for products that can withstand the most severe weather and wind loads.Milan Fence Panel & AccessoriesCorners may require the use of two posts set side-by-side. Posts are only available for In-Ground installation, Base mountis NOT offered forsolid surface installation.NOTE IN STOCK Post Not All Items Stocked at All Locations.Some Items May be Shipped to Store for Pickup BLACK | BROWN ITEM#DIMENSIONSCOLORAll DesignmasterFW6368790H, for 63.6H PanelBrown SPECIAL ORDERFence ProductsFW6268790H, for 63.6H PanelBlack GRAY | WHITE | BLUEQualify for LEEDFW63671 109.2H, for 79.2H PanelBrown YELLOW | RED | GREENCredits NeededFW62637 109.2H, for 79.2H PanelBlackto Achieve LEED CertificationRound Lock Clamp Square Lock ClampGREENCATALOGBLACKSingle ClampEach Panel Requires:BROWN 4 Round Lock Clamps2 Square Lock Clamps4 Single Clamps WHITEAccessoriesITEMITEM#COLORRound Lock ClampFW62741BrownBLUE Round Lock ClampFW62740BlackSquared Lock ClampFW62739BrownSquared Lock ClampFW62737BlackSingle ClampFW78769BrownYELLOW Single ClampFW78766BlackREDGRAY PanelITEM#DIMENSIONSCOLORFW6268263.6H X 87.4WBrownFW6268163.6H X 87.4WBlackGALVANIZED FW6268379.2H X 87.4WBrownFW6266879.2H X 87.4WBlack306 www.sss-steel.com'