b'WIPRAEG ME EHSEHA PDAENRELSGalvanized Welded STOCKING Wire Mesh Panels 4 SIZES1 15 2 3.10 Gauge WireTRIM PANELS WITH U-EDGINGPAGE 72AVAILABLE INFIVESIZESGalvanize protection for long lifeWeld or install with screws then paint to match fenceUse as added security for gates to stop reaching through bars to open gateNOTE Many agricultural, interior, exterior & security applicationsNot All ItemsSHIPPING of WIRE MESH PANELSStocked AtCATALOGAll Locations.All Panels Available for Shipping - ANY QUANTITY NO MINIMUMSome Items A Skid and Packing Charge Will Be Added May beAdd to Your to All Wire Mesh Panel ShipmentsShipped toExisting Gate Skid/Packing Charge Does Not Apply to In Store PickupsStore for Pickup.for Additional Please Inquire. SecurityITEM #DESCRIPTIONPANEL SIZE FRZ1G 1 x 1Galvanized Wire Mesh Sheet44-1/4 X 114FRZ112G1-1/2 x 1-1/2Galvanized Wire Mesh Sheet43-3/4 X 116 FRZ2G2" x 2" Galvanized Wire Mesh Sheet44-1/4 X 114"FRZ3G3" x 3" Galvanized Wire Mesh Sheet42X 114Perforated Metal Screening 22 Ga. Cold Rolled Steel Stocked in 3 ft. x 7 ft. Sheets1/16" HOLES 3/32" HOLESMany Decorative and Practical Uses; Doors, Privacy, Fencing, GrillsTrim Out Perforated Metal Screening with U-EdgingITEM #HOLE SIZE CENT SHEET SIZE PMPS221161/16"1/8 3\' x 7\'Listed On Page 72 PMPS223323/32"5/32 3\' x 7\'300 www.sss-steel.com'